'The Spouse House' TLC Episode 5 Recap: Missy Leaves Over Vaccines???

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Tonight was the fifth episode fo The Spouse House on TLC. This episode begins after the previous one, in which Yesnaya and Danny got married.

Danny and Yesnaya will stay in the house for some reason.

This episode begins with an engagement ceremony. Chris and Missy are kissing and flirting, and that makes Bri upset. She starts crying.

She decides to leave the house, without doing anything. She says the environment is not healthy for her. Everyone is upset at Missy.

Since nobody gets engaged during the ceremony, two people are evicted. Those are Ben and Ashley.

Tom wanted Ben to leave, and that upset the other Ashley. She gets into a fight with Tom about it.

The next day, Tom and Ashley get together for a therapy session with the hosts/"relationship experts." They decide to separate Ashley and Tom and pair them up with other people.

There are three new singles added to the house. Another Ashley is added, who immediately likes Tom (wtf?). There's a woman named Isabella. And a guy named Scott from the military.

Kelli Jo and Jimmy go to meet Kelli's parents. Jimmy gets along well with Kelli's dad. So the two sit down, and Jimmy asks for Kelli's hand in marriage. He gives his blessing.

The new Ashley (Ashley K) is set up on a date with Tom.

They go to a paint and sip place. Meanwhile, the old Ashley (Ashley Lauren) goes on a date with Scott, but they both realize that she still likes Tom.

Ashley K tells Tom that if he can't get along well with Ashley Lauren now, things are bound not to work. But Ashley Lauren overhears and gets upset.

She comes in and things blow up. That makes Tom happy for some reason, and so he wants Ashley Lauren back.

Isabella and Darren go to the batting cages. They get along well, but she has a problem because she's white and he's black...and her family will have a problem with it apparently.

Missy and Chris are talking about kids and everything, and Missy says she doesn't believe in vaccines.

She says she knows what she's doing, although she's not a real doctor. Chris has a big problem with that, so things become a bit iffy.

Then out of the blue, Missy says she wants to leave the house...we don't know exactly what that means, but it looks like we'll have to wait until next week to find out.

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