'Catfish' MTV Season 6 Episode 5: Marvin and Austin...And 3 Catfishes...And a Boyfriend

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Tonight was episode 5 season 6 of Catfish on MTV, which featured a new host helping Max save catfish victims, since Nev has been out on paternity leave.

Max's old friend Chantal, also the lead singer of Morningwood -- and now a solo act -- flew in to help him try to save Marvin.

Marvin has been away for basic training in the National Guard for the last 2 years. After returning, he met someone named Austin on Grindr.

Marvin was amazed that Austin always wanted to chat, but didn't just want to use him for sex. However, Marvin noticed that Austin seemed insecure and never managed to make a meet up.

Max and Chantal start their investigation by video chatting with Marvin. They wonder why he'd be on Grindr if he's interested in a relationship.

Max also questions why Marvin hasn't located Austin since Grindr has a geolocation feature. Marvin knows that Austin is less than 5 miles away from him but needs help tracking him down.

Max and Chantal meet Marvin in person and ask him why he was on Grindr.

Marvin says that at first he was interested in hookups, but then a connection sparked with Austin. Max and Chantal point out that Austin's texts with Marvin actually did involve quite a bit of sexual suggestiveness.

Austin's sister has also been on the phone with Marvin and chatted with him, although when she got off the phone, for some reason Austin soon asked Marvin for a photo of his genitalia.

Max and Chantal then begin their investigation.

They scan Austin's Facebook page and notice all the pics have just Austin in them. With some research, they realize the pics being used are of another guy named Myles who lives in Toronto.

They also contact Austin's friend who seems to know him, Woody. Woody tells Max and Chantal where he works and they meet up with him.

Woody give Max and Chantal the phone number of Kurt, who apparently knows Austin. Kurt says he's met Austin and provides a description of Austin that matches Myles. So Chantal and Max know that Kurt must be lying.

Chantal and Max then give Marvin an update.

Even though Marvin finds out that the pics of Austin are fake, Marvin still wants to meet him. Max decides to call the real Myles who actually speaks with Marvin and wishes him well.

Max and Chantal then get a call from Isaiah who says that he's Kurt's boyfriend, and that he's fed up with Kurt's "drama." He offers to meet up the Catfish. Max and Chantal bring Marvin to meet Isaiah.

Isaiah tells everyone that Kurt is the catfish. Isaiah apologizes to Marvin and gives them the location of a friend's house where Kurt went.

Everyone heads over to meet with Kurt. Kurt comes out with his friend Jason and his sister Kylea. The three of them originally created the profile to bust cheaters. They all became attached to Marvin and their friendship with him.

Kurt, Jason and Kylea have no remorse, however, and reveal that in all their catfishing, they only busted one person for cheating. Jason in particular begins to blame Marvin and shame him for falling into a trap.

Max and Chantal defend Marvin.

Max, Chantal and Marvin meet up with the catfishing trio again the next day. Kylea, Jason and Kurt explain that Kylea had been cheated on by men who turned out to be gay.

That's why she had the Grindr account. The trio also admits that they thought the whole thing was funny. Chantal and Kurt get the trio to shut down their Grindr account to ensure that no-one else will be a victim.

In the end,Max catches up with Marvin and finds out that he's stopped trying to meet men on apps. Meanwhile, the catfish trio claims to have stopped their catfishing as well.

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