Run Walter! Go-Pro on Running Dog is Epic

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On of the most epic Go-Pro videos ever has been posted to YouTube. And it's a pretty simple concept.. attach a Go-Pro camera to a dogs back and let him run to his favorite place, the ocean.

In something that is reminiscent of 'The Beast' from the 90's hit 'The Sandlot', this golden retriever takes off like his life depends on it. He jumps over a fence, runs through branches, down a maze of trails, and ultimately (and comically), through a small crowd of people.

Then the climax? He jumps right into the ocean. That is one happy pup.

This video has all the making of the best viral video of the summer, though there are alot of competitors including the fat gopher and the 2 year old ALS challenge.

The user who uploaded it clearly loves rap battles, and has uploaded hundreds of them. This seems to be his first hit, though it appears to be the first video uploaded of his dog.

If anything, this is by far the most epic dog + Go-Pro combination to date.