Dan Bilzerian Crushes a BMW 7 Series With A Tank

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It has already been well established that Dan Bilzerian can do whatever he wants but he enjoys continually showing us that things that most men could only dream of are just another day for him.

The social media star, poker player and international playboy recently lived out a fantasy held by most little boys, and many men, and crushed a car with a tank while surrounded by scantily clad beautiful women.

Bilzerian posted video of his driving the tank over a BMW 7 series to his YouTube account, which caused a number of his followers to ask why he would do that to the vehicle (which clearly already had some damage).

See the video here:

Bilzerian has become famous for his online actions and the millions he wins and loses at the poker table.

His recent appearance on "The Howard Stern Show" made him more of a mainstream star as did his acting appearance in the movie "Lone Survivor."