Thor: Ragnarok Digital HD And Blu-ray Release Date Revealed Alongside Special Features

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Disney/Marvel Studios have revealed the official release date for when you can own a copy of Thor: Ragnarok at home.

As always, the digital and physical release dates are different not to mention the home releases includes many cool special features for you to watch.

The Digital HD release date for Thor: Ragnarok is February 20th, 2018. After that, the movie will be released in 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD platforms a few weeks later on March 6th, 2018.

There are a ton of cool special features packed into the home release of the movie. One of the more interesting additions are many extended and deleted scenes that were not seen in the theatrical release.

The digital release comes with even more added deleted scenes, plus a feature about the bromance between Thor and Hulk.

Another small bonus is a short film starring the character of Darryl.

This is the person that Thor lived with in Australia and served as a funny video that was posted on YouTube to find out what Thor had been up to.

The rest of the extras include many behind the scenes footage on the many characters and locations of the film.

There is also a piece on strong female characters in the MCU highlighted by the movie's addition of Hela and Valkyrie just to name a few.

Potentially my favorite special feature is a look at how the character of Korg was created. Korg was already in the comic books, but this version is different because director Taika Waititi imagined if he was from New Zealand.

Speaking of Taika Waititi, the special features is capped off with Director's Commentary. You can hear Waititi's thoughts on the film and the decisions he made to make this film one of the funniest ones in the MCU.

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