Barstool Sports and SiriusXM Join Forces for New 24/7 Channel

SiriusXM and Barstool Sports, a comedy, sports and men's lifestyle brand, are teaming up to launch a new 24/7 channel on SiriusXM, starting in January, 2018. The Barstool Radio on SiriusXM channel will air nationwide on satellite radios and on the SiriusXM app, and will showcase the site's funny, irreverent and unfiltered approach to covering sports, men's lifestyle, popular culture and more.

13 Haunted Houses That Make Your Favorite Films Look Like Childsplay's list of the Top 13 Haunted Houses in America for 2017 has officially been released. For this year's list, pulled together the most frightening, spine tingling and downright horrifying haunted houses to make even the bravest souls quiver in fear. This makes watching American Horror Story look like childsplay in many cases. So, if you're looking for a scary spot to visit this year, check out the list below for a few ideas.

West Hollywood Mural Honors Carrie Fisher and David Bowie

Artist Mike McNeilly has a new mural installation in West Hollywood paying tribute to legends Carrie Fisher and David Bowie, whose untimely deaths in 2016 (Bowie on January 10 and Fisher on December 25) book-ended a year that saw the passing of several beloved entertainment icons.

Surface Releases A Full 30 Minute Interview With Kanye West

Surface Magazine's Dec./Jan. Art Issue, features cover subject Kanye West with other subjects including the artists Tom Sachs, Mark Flood, Jackie Nickerson, and Cali Thornhill DeWitt, as well as the production designer K. K. Barrett.

Mac Miller Makes It To Uber Facts: His Favorite Thing To Talk About

Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller has made it in the big time world of Uber Facts, the online community that present "the most unimportant things you never need to know."

Tiny Trifecta Offers Affordable Art from Contemporary Artists

For their 4th annual Tiny Trifecta show, The Cotton Candy Machine art boutique/gallery is currently exhibiting work from more than 100 contemporary artists.

Northside Festival 2014 will get Brooklyn Buzzing

What better way to get summer started than a glorious week of music, movies, and booze?

Artist Installation Features Room with Edible Chocolate Walls

In her latest gallery exhibition, Scottish artist, Anya Gallacccio, has created a surprisingly sweet installation at Jupiter Artland in Edinburgh.

Art Truancy: Jonathan LeVine Gallery Celebrates 20 Years of Juxtapoz Magazine

Starting Thursday, May 15th, the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC will be hosting a group exhibition to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Juxtapoz Magazine.

Three Lady Art Exhibit at Cotton Candy Machine

Last night, artist Tara McPherson's Brooklyn art boutique/gallery, debuted the works of three inspiring lady painters.

Highlights from Downtown Fair 2014

Yesterday was the opening day of the inaugural Downtown Fair in NYC. The contemporary art fair is being held in the 69th Regent Armory in lower Manhattan, and is host to nearly 600 artists from galleries across the globe.

It was an impressive turn out, with floods of people crowding in to see never before exhibited works from big names like Jasper Johns, David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Picasso, and Google Glass artist David Datuna.

Inaugural Downtown Art Fair Opens Tomorrow in NYC

Tomorrow will mark the opening of the Downtown Fair, a contemporary art fair in NYC, produced by the ownership team of 'Art Miami.'

Brooklyn Zine Fest Wraps Up

Today is the last day to attend the Brooklyn Zine Fest--an annual exhibit held at Brooklyn's Historical Society in New York. There, local creative people set up tables and booths, sharing self-published zines about writing, illustration, photography, music, cooking, skating, and just about anything.

MoCCA Fest: Day 2

Yesterday we bid adieu to MoCCA Fest, the weekend-long event created by the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. This was the second year that NYC' Society of Illustrators produced the event, and, judging by the record high turn-out, it was quite a success.

MoCCA Fest: Day 1

Yesterday was the opening day of MoCCA (Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) Fest in NYC and it was quite a turnout.

There were tons of goodies to be had, from posters to zines, limited edition prints, buttons, and books. Though not nearly as extravagant as New York Comic Con, it is certainly a nerd paradise in its own right. If only it were a few days longer. Alas, we will have to suffice with a single weekend.

MoCCA Fest Starts Today

If you haven't already heard, the MoCCA (or, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) Fest will kick off tomorrow, April 5th, at 11:00 a.m.

The MoCCA is an annual, weekend-long exhibit produced by the Society of Illustrators in NYC, that showcases the work of independent comic artists from around the country. Thousands of artist participate, setting up booths and hosting educational panels,

Artist Feature: Dylan Egon

Dylan Egon is a mixed-media artist based out of New Jersey. Whether crafting collages with paint, foil, and a myriad of found objects, creating silk screens and sculptures, or (more recently) designing furniture, Egon's work addresses such themes as pop culture, consumerism, religion, and the impermanence of nature.

Sebastian Masuda's "Colorful Rebellion" Exhibit Goes Out with a Bang

Yesterday marked the last day of Japanese artist Sebastian Masuda's "'Colorful Rebellion'-Seventh Nightmare" exhibition at Kianga Ellis Projects gallery in NYC.

Borbay Ramps Up For His 4th Solo Exhibition - The Futurism

Borbay is a hard-working contemporary artist out of Manhattan. After a career in finance, he made the decision to pursue something more meaningful in his life.

After having a new addition to his family (a baby girl) in 2013, Borbay is now wrangling more than just art collectors. Ever the showman, Borbay will be revealing his new crop of work at the Lounge in Manahattan's Chelsea district on March 26th. Borbay states:

Latest show at Super Precious Art Gallery

Super Precious Art Gallery is an online gallery that features group art shows with the work created around a specific theme. Each show is celebrated with an opening in the Boston area. This time, the show is up at Bloc 11 Cafe in Somerville, MA.

Grindhouse: Johnny Romeo at Porter Contemporary

Johnny Romeo is an internationally acclaimed Australian painter. Considered Australia's foremost pop artist, Romeo's energetic and richly colorful appropriation of comic book aesthetics and pop culture is capturing attention worldwide.

With GQ Magazine describing his art as 'part punk, part pop', he draws inspiration from neo-Expressionism, rock'n'roll, graffiti art and Pop Art to create electrifying critiques of contemporary life.

Living in Forms: Bill Dunlap at Lincoln Arts Project Boston

In his home state of Maryland, Bill Dunlap entered a design project to create murals on the sides of barns. He entered some wild and crazy sketches--perhaps they were sexually or religiously offensive, or perhaps they were simply a study of the human form or haloed flesh-toned shadows--and the rural, hardworking people of Maryland took one look and said, "Not on my barn."

The Pop-Up Trend

Early in the evening on a brisk Thursday, four members of a small Pennsylvania gallery are chatting in a tiny gallery space in Chelsea. Not as gallery-goers, but as presenters. The gallery in question is Converge Gallery, run by Casey Gleghorn. They are in Chelsea for a pop-up exhibition for one of their artists, Jeremiah Johnson, which runs for one week.

Bling-Bling: Mickalene Thomas at the ICA

Mickalene Thomas is showing five works at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston until April 7th 2013, all in one massive room. Her pieces are on wood and painted with acrylics and enamel and rhinestones, with all of her mediums on a large scale of six to eight feet tall, and none of them existing in the exact same dimensions. Her style is deconstructivist; each portrait an image, but each portrait separated into shards of spaces.

Gagosian and the Puppeteering of Basquiat

Back In 1983, Jean-Michel Basquiat was a darling of the art world, and gallery owner Larry Gagosian took notice. He put Basquiat up in a Venice studio and prepared to show his work that year out on the West Coast. This sparked a relationship between the two men that survives long after the life of the artist ended.