The 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Trailer Is The Number One Trending Video On YouTube

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After being released on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show and YouTube channel, the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer is now the number one trending video on YouTube.

Get ready to meet Tom Holland's take on Spider-man and the new villain of choice, Vulture.

The Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer seems to be pinning Peter Parker at a much younger age than we are used to. However, it's evident that the wise-cracks and jokes being thrown out against his villains are going to be of the same quality as those in the Avengers' series.

Holland's Peter Parker is looking for a chance to prove himself to Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) but runs into a very big bird of a problem.

Stark's cameos are just as hilarious as we would expect and there are still plenty of instances where Spider-Man gets his butt kicked.

That being said, it will be interesting to see how he takes on the Vulture and what Michael Keaton plans on bringing to his portrayal of one of the first Spider-Man villains.

In the trailer there is a quick glimpse at Donald Glover, Zendaya, Melissa Tomei and the rest of the supporting class.

Fans will be able judge whether or not this is the Spider-Man film we have all been waiting for when Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theaters on July 7. You can check out the new, full-length trailer below.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

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