MTV 'Sweet/Vicious' Episode 1 Recap: A Rape Vigilante

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Sweet/Vicious premiered on MTV today, and it's a very different concept from other shows on the network. The show is about a college student who doubles as a ninja to stop campus rape/assault.

The show centers around two girls: Ophelia, a hacker who is constantly drugged out, and Jules, who is a sorority girl and doubles as a ninja by night.

The show begins with Jules attacking a young man who date raped his girlfriend.

She shows up in his room dressed as a ninja, and scares him and then stabs him in the leg. As the police arrive, she jumps out the window and returns to her sorority house.

Meanwhile, Ophelia is slacking off in her room. We first meet her waking up next to a random guy.

Her friend walks in, and we learn that she's on the verge of being kicked out of school.

She gets another chance, but is caught smoking up by a school staff member, who chases after her. While running away, Ophelia hides in an alley, where she runs into the ninja, who is attacking another guy.

During the attack, Jules (as the ninja) drops a necklace, which Ophelia finds.

Doing some research, Ophelia learns that the ninja attacks have been going on all over campus, so she decides to try to find out who the necklace belongs to and what's going on.

Back at Jules' sorority, a big party is going on. Jules meets a guy, but she runs off before he gets her name.

Ophelia is at the door, trying to find the owner of the necklace. She meets Jules, who takes her to the basement, throws her down the stairs, and threatens her with a knife to keep quiet.

Back at her place, Ophelia starts stalking Jules and is able to identify a potential new Jules target guy. She tracks Jules by hacking her phone and goes to wait at the target's location.

Jules fights the guy (and during that time, she has flashbacks of being date raped herself), but he is able to knock her out. Ophelia, however, was waiting in the background and comes out and hits the guy with a hammer, killing him.

Jules awakens and the two try to decide how to clean up the scene. They tie up the body and put it in Ophelia's car, and bond while driving to dispose of the body.

While driving, the two stop at a bar and and decide to team up. At the bar, Jules meets the guy who was at the party, and they flirt.

At the same time, Ophelia finds the guy online, and he appears to be a friend of the guy they killed. The two women run off.

The episode ends with Jules and Ophelia stumbling out of the bar, only to find their car is gone.

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