'Catfish' MTV Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: Danny and Rosa, You'll Never Believe Who Rosa Is

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Tonight is the third episode of season 6 of Catfish on MTV. This episode is about a guy named Danny and a woman named Rosa.

Danny asks Nev and Max and the Catfish team to help him learn about the woman he's been dating online. Even though Danny is flirting with many women online, he has developed strong feelings for Rosa. Danny has been communicating with Rosa for the past 2 years. Danny started to make plans to meet Rosa but he got stood up a couple of times, making him feel suspicious. Since they've been living in the same city, Danny wonders how they've never met. Danny was born in Puerto Rico but relocated to the Florida area.

Danny recognizes that Rosa having 3 pages on Facebook was suspicious. He also sees that Rosa may have some issues given that she's beaten up some people. Despite this, Danny wants to have a child with Rosa.

Nev and Max believe that Danny is very lonely, so he's bound to get catfished. Still, Nev and Max make the trek to Florida.

Danny wants to get a sense of what Danny's relationship has been like online. Danny and Nev also take a look at Rosa's 3 different Facebook accounts.

But there's a huge surprise when the Catfish team starts looking into Rosa. Nev and Max use Google Image search to find out other photos of "Rosa." They find a "Natalie" who seems to own "Rosa" pictures. They then search Rosa's phone number and locate it to Connecticut, and find out it belongs to a Yenny.

The final step is to search Yenni's Facebook page, which turns out to point to a friend "Brandy" -- and Nev and Max think she looks familiar.

It turns out that she is familiar: Brandy was the catfish on a former episode of MTV's Catfish. We wrote a whole recap of that episode here.

The episode featuring Brandy as the catfish was from a few years ago, and it featured a military guy who thought he had met a pro football cheerleader.

Of course, Brandy wasn't a pro football cheerleader -- she was just a catfish.

Nev and Max decide to reach out to Brandy since they've met her before. They tell her about "Rosa." Brandy tells them she'll look up the Facebook page to see if she knows Rosa. Still, Brandy winds up denying everything.

Nevertheless, Brandy gave a big sob story in the prior episode, and Nev and Max were pretty sure that her catfishing were are over. Tonight, we'll find out if that is indeed the case.

Watch the clip below:

Nev and Max then head over to share their findings with Danny. He's devastated to find out that Rosa's been stealing her photos. Max and Nev also share their suspicions about Brandy and the fact that their last victim was in Florida too. Brandy also has a similar past to Rosa.

Nev and Danny suggest getting in touch with Rosa. So they call her up, but Rosa gets defensive quickly and also backs off of wanting to meet Danny. Eventually, Rosa agrees to meet up with Danny.

So Nev, Danny and Max head to Connecticut. The moment arrives and everyone arrives at Rosa's house. Nev heads inside Rosa's house and comforts her when she begins to sob.

It turns out that Rosa is Jose, a man. Danny is shocked and upset. Jose explains that he created the account to take revenge on Natalie, someone he knew from high school.

He continues to sob as he explains that he wanted Natalie to feel the pain he felt that she caused him in high school. Nev does remind Jose that it's been at least 8 years since the end of high school.

Meanwhile, Danny is angry and encourages Jose to go to Church and seek help.

Danny stalks back to the car, leaving Jose with Max and Nev. Jose reveals that he feels terrible about himself. Jose had felt that Danny listened to him in their conversation and had found comfort in his words. He admits to feeling so depressed that he was doing a lot of drugs and actually did get locked up.

In addition, he did actually gets molested. Nev gives Jose some words of comfort. Danny feels humiliated but Nev and Max try to convince him to empathize with Jose.

So Max and Nev get Danny together with Jose. Danny does try to help Jose move on, once again, encouraging him to go to Church.

Max and Nev do reconnect with Danny a few months later. Danny says that he did offer additional words to comfort to Jose.

Meanwhile, Jose is doing better too. Jose moved out of his family's home, began working out and found supports through his local Church.

Looks like this story had a happy ending, but given that it's Catfish, with a twist, of course.

MTV's Catfish is on at 8pm ET. You can learn more about the episode on mtv.com.

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