Matthew Vaughn Could Be The Director Of Man of Steel 2

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Warner Bros. is going ahead with Man of Steel 2 and it looks like the studio already has its eye on a very talented director.

Comic book movie fans should be familiar with the name Matthew Vaughn as that is the person that Warner Bros. is interested in bringing in.

According to an exclusive report from Collider, sources tell them that Warner Bros' top choice to direct Man of Steel 2 is Matthew Vaughn.

Talks are already underway for him to be on board. It worked before with Matt Reeves being brought in to direct The Batman.

Vaughn is experienced to do the movie as he has delved into the genre before. He managed to breathe new life to the X-Men franchise with the excellent X-Men: First Class in 2011.

He also directed the enjoyable Kick-Ass which is also a movie based on a comic book. His most recent work is of Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Vaughn was interested in doing a Superman movie before, but he missed his chance. Warner Bros.

instead went with Man of Steel which eventually came out in 2013.

Unlike Man of Steel, Vaughn was interested in making his Superman movie less dark and serious. He wanted it to be upbeat and uplifting in lieu of the dark and gritty tone of Batman films.

With this in mind, Vaughn is a good choice to direct Man of Steel 2.

People thought Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was too serious for its own good. Not to mention the movie lacked any type of action until the third act when they finally started fighting.

There's still no definite release date for the sequel, but it's in the pipeline. DC first has to release Wonder Woman and Justice League later this year. There is also The Batman, The Flash and Aquaman all in pre-production too.

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