Ellen DeGeneres Meets Chicken Nugget Kid Carter Wilkerson

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In a huge show of diplomacy during a competition, Ellen DeGeneres invited the "chicken nugget kid" Carter Wilkerson to her show. They sat down to chat about the competition and came to quite the interesting proposition.

DeGeneres explained the chicken nugget tweet and how it impacted her very own Twitter record, which we reported on when she vented about it to her audience. The host then brought Wilkerson out who confirmed that he wasn't trying to sabotage DeGeneres' Twitter record.

Wilkerson stated that he just wanted chicken nuggets. All he asked for was a year's supply.

Wilkerson needs 18 million retweets to earn a year's supply of chicken nuggets from Wendy's and DeGeneres said the cultural phenomenon that she created with her Oscar's selfie is being threatened.

So, DeGeneres rehashed her first proposition which was to retweet her photo after retweeting Wilkerson's tweet. To sweeten the deal, DeGeneres threw in a 55-inch TV and a year's supply of Ellen underwear.

DeGeneres said if Wilkerson beat her, she would take her TV and underwear back from him. DeGeneres said that if he can get her selfie along with his tweet to 18 million, she would have another gift for him.

It sounds quite incentive-based here. The two then created their own phenomenon by taking a selfie together. You can check out all of the fun in The Ellen Show video below.

Ellen DeGeneres Meets Chicken Nugget Kid Carter Wilkerson