'Catfish' MTV Season 6 Episode 7: Yasmine & Lewis, And Milo and Blue and Keerah (Watch)

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Tonight was the seventh episode of season 6 of Catfish on MTV. The episode starts with a woman named Sandra, who finds out that her granddaughter is doing some sketchy stuff.

For instance, she's given money to her boyfriend, whom she's never met. But it gets much worse.

The granddaughter, Yasmine, never told Sandra about the boyfriend, but she had been constantly talking to him online for months. Eventually, Sandra found a receipt showing that Yasmine sent the guy money.

Strangely, however, Yasmine was talking to a guy who said his name was Lewis, but the name of the person she sent money to was not Lewis. That made Sandra really suspicious.

Yasmine did admit that she'd never met Lewis before.

You can watch a clip below:

Yasmine developed a very strong relationship with Lewis -- or so she thought.

She was going through a lot of family problems when she met him, and he helped her with that. However, he has also hurt her a lot, and been very manipulative.

In this episode, Nev and Max set out to figure out the mystery of Lewis. They find out that "Rihana" is the name of the person who received the money.

Additionally, the phone number for Lewis is registered to someone named Lakiesha.

Nev and Max head out to meet Yasmine and her grandmother. Yasmine tells the guys that she met Lewis in a group chat for an app that helps people gain Twitter followers.

Yasmine's grandmother, however, was very suspicious. She eventually got Yasmine's attention when she searched Facebook and found out that Yasmine's man wasn't someone named Lewis -- Lewis was someone else.

When Yasmine confronted "Lewis" about this, "Lewis" admitted that he was lying, but he then said his name was "Milo." But that turned out to be a lie as well.

Yasmine confronted "Milo," who then said his name was "Blue." He gave Yasmine a picture that was different -- and not someone as attractive as she'd previously thought.

Still, Yasmine felt a sense of connection that she didn't want to let go of, given that Lewis/Milo/Blue helped her through a very emotionally trying time.

After running out of other options, Nev calls "Blue" and finds out that he lives in Arkansas.

Blue says he's not ready to meet Yasmine and notes he's scared. But while Nev is trying to convince Blue to meet with Yasmine, he hangs up on him.

Nev and Max convince Yasmine to go to Arkansas to try to find Blue.

Blue agrees to text Yasmin his address. But when they arrive at the destination, Nev can't get into the home -- despite knocking and ringing the doorbell at all of the doors.

Eventually, howevrer, Blue does come out of the home and introduces himself to Yasmine. It turns out that "Blue" is actually a woman, and her name is Keerah.

Keerah reveals that she did feel a genuine connection with Yasmine. Still, Yasmine is upset and feels completely betrayed.

Things turn sour, as Keerah gets angry at the Catfish team. She runs inside the house, but Nev goes after her. At the same time, Max tries to comfort Yasmine.

Nev helps Keerah to understand why Yasmine is upset. But Yasmine isn't willing to talk again -- at least not that day.

The next day, Yasmine does decide to talk to Keerah, in order to gain a sense of closure. Keerah apologizes to Yasmin and tells her that she still loves her.

Yasmin accepts her apology, and the two agree to remain friends.

A few months later, Yasmin reveals that she returned to college and kept in touch with Keerah as friends.

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