Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Review/Recap: Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren

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The end of Dragon Ball Super the TV series is drawing near as episode 130 marks the second to last episode of the Tournament of Power saga.

Goku has finally reached the Mastered Ultra Instinct form, although Jiren still has some dormant power of his own.

At the start of episode 130 of Dragon Ball Super, Jiren is completely overwhelmed by Goku's new power as he cannot seem to land any hits on him.

Jiren is getting very frustrated and it looks like Goku might be able to win easily.

Goku keeps landing blow after blow to Jiren and Universe 11 is looking very nervous. At the rate the fight is going now, Goku could be declared the winner as his new Mastered Ultra Instinct is just too powerful for Jiren. 

As the fight keeps on going, Jiren remembers his troubled past and does not want to feel the same way ever again.

It looks like Jiren had some hidden power lying inside of him and now it's his turn to get angry.

It looks like Jiren has turned into his own version of the Mastered Ultra Instinct form as he's shirtless and also has a red and fiery aura around him.

Piccolo notes that his power level has increased a lot compared to what he was before.

Thanks to the newfound form, Jiren is finally able to go toe-to-toe with Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku. The two are now on even terms with one another as they fight all over the arena at a fast and rapid pace. 

With the fight now more evenly matched, Jiren is able to fight back and his power starts to overwhelm Goku now. That said, Goku never gives up and always finds a way to get back up. 

Jiren gets so annoyed, he even calls Goku a "persistent bastard" after Goku gets up from a very powerful Ki blast.

Jiren wonders how Goku is able to keep on fighting, and Goku says it's because of the help of his friends and family that he is able to keep strong.

Jiren becomes very impatient that his attacks are no longer hurting Goku so he does something that is kind of out of character. Jiren does the evil act of trying to kill Goku's friends on the spectator stands!

This seemed very out of character as I thought Jiren stood for "Justice" against evil beings. It just seemed very odd that Jiren would become so desperate in the fight to actually kill innocent people. 

Nevertheless, his act angers Goku a lot and this forces Goku to punish Jiren heavily. Goku does one huge Kamehameha wave that totally overwhelms Jiren and Jiren crashes onto a piece of rubble. 

It appears Jiren is unable to continue and Beerus tells Goku that he should throw him out to win the Tournament of Power once and for all.

However, Goku's body starts to convulse as it looks like he can no longer physically handle the Ultra Instinct form.

Since Goku is a mortal and not a God, he's unable to sustain the form for a very long time and this has dire consequences.

Jiren musters the stamina he has left and it looks like Goku is about to be eliminated!

However, episode 130 has a very unpredictable ending because Goku is saved from elimination at the last minute. Golden Frieza comes back and he's not alone because Android 17 is with him too!

I'm glad Android 17 is back because I thought he died. It turns out he survived his own blast and the tournament will continue. 

With Goku currently out of commission, it will now be Frieza and Android 17 trying their best to face Jiren in the final moments of the Tournament of Power. The last episode of Dragon Ball Super airs next Sunday!

Anyway, episode 130 of Dragon Ball Super was another great episode featuring an entertaining fight and an unpredictable finish. I was not expecting both Android 17 and Frieza to come back as I assumed both of them were dead or eliminated. 

This means episode 131 is sure to have a finish that isn't going to be too predictable. Jiren still has some stamina left and I don't think Android 17 and Frieza are strong enough to win it all for Universe 7!

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