Howard Stern Remembers Pig Virus/Pig Vomit

Howard Stern's former boss and longtime radio programmer, Kevin Metheny, died at 60 years old on Friday. He died of a massive heart attack at work.

Stern semi-fondly remembers working with Metheny at New York's WNBC, where the programmer was the "joker" to Stern's "batman," so to speak.

"I do feel bad for his family, and I do feel bad to see him gone," Stern said Monday morning, three days after Metheny's death.

"He was so creative at humiliating me," Stern said.

"He would throw things at the glass, it would shake me to the core. Or I'd be on the air, and he'd come running in and start waving his hands back and forth telling me to cut."

Metheny was the inspiration behind Paul Giamatti's portrayal of "Pig Vomit" in the 1997 movie "Private Parts," based on Stern's autobiographical book of the same name. Stern regularly referred to Metheny as "Pig Virus" on his WNBC show.

"I felt bad for some people's portrayal in the movie, but not him," Stern said. "If anything, it was too light."

While working together, Stern expressed being viciously attacked and humiliated on a daily basis by Metheny; Stern would be critiqued via memo, and the memo would be sent to everyone.

"If there was something creative about the guy, he knew how to torture," Stern said. "He was a Nazi vampire to me."

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Metheny was working at KGO-AM 810 and KSFO-AM 650 in San Francisco as the operations manager, and is survived by his two daughters.