Howard Stern To Initiate Monotone Matt Into Wack Pack

Howard Stern is set to perform an official initiation ceremony for Monotone Matt to welcome him as an honorary member of the Wack Pack.

As of publication, there is no official news on when the ceremony will take place, though Stern dished on a few more details of the anticipated special.

"We're gonna have a big initiation for this guy," Stern said, Monday morning. "Usually, when we take in a new Wack Pack, it's a secret ceremony, but Matt's ceremony will be aired on Howard 101 as a special."

Matt called in to the show Monday morning, and reported that he has not had any more action with his wife, unfortunately.

He also suggested that Benjy dressed up like Howard Stern for his interview with Beth Stern, so he could get into the "Howard mindset."

Bobo is very upset about Monotone Matt, and doesn't believe he is Wack Pack material.

"The process we went through took a long time," he said, and thinks Monotone Matt hasn't yet paid his dues.

"It feels like this guy just got in overnight." Maryann from Brooklyn is "extremely jealous" of Monotone Matt, and believes he's taking time away from the regular honorary Wack Packers.

A few weeks ago, Howard helped Monotone Matt with his marriage problems, and he has since called in to give listeners updates on his sex life.

Meanwhile, fans on the chat forum Reddit have speculated whether or not Monotone Matt is a fake, but the Stern studio hasn't addressed the possibility, and it would seem the speculation is just fan rumor.

We'll keep an ear out for when the official, special ceremony is set to air, and welcome Monotone Matt in to the Wack Pack family.