Persona 5: The Animation Episode 11 Recap/Review: 'Let's Be Friends, Shall We?'

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The Phantom Thieves are gaining some more notoriety as their new targets are getting bigger and more dangerous. However, the team gets help thanks to a new member joining them for the very first time.

This week's episode adds some more backstory to Makoto giving the character more of a motivation to feel useful.

The character is in a bit of a slump lately mainly because she has always been called "useless" all of the time by the people around her.

Makoto just lives with her prosecutor older sister because their father died many years ago. She does have a tragic upbringing so she's not a character that lived with a silver spoon in her mouth at birth.

However, he motivation to not become "useless" may have cost the team even more trouble because she recklessly finds the location of the mob boss of Kaneshiro. Some two guys travel to a seedy club and somewhat kidnap her.

Makoto leaves her phone on so the other members of the Phantom Thieves are able to find out her location.

Even though Makoto feels she has the upper hand, Kaneshiro still has so much power and his grasp on the city will not stop anytime soon.

When the other members of the team arrive to rescue Makoto, Kaneshiro blackmails them by taking a photo and threatening to tell their school they are inside a club they shouldn't be in.

Not to mention he wants them to give him back 3 million yen or else the photo will go viral.

Obviously, there's not much the team can do in the real world because Kaneshiro has too much power and influence. The only way that they can change his heart is by entering the metaverse.

Makoto enters the metaverse for the very first time and Kaneshiro is powerful inside this universe.

Thankfully though, the Phantom Thieves themselves have weapons of their own and Makoto has her own Persona where she rides on a very cool bike.

Aside from the team taking out Shadow Kaneshiro's henchmen, nothing else happens for the rest of the episode because they need to steal his heart some other time.

We do get to see that Makoto really hates Kaneshiro because she was ready to kill him before Morgana told her to stop.

Aside from an extended backstory for Makoto, the majority of this episode follows the video game storyline quite closely.

The only benefit of watching the anime is that things go by much quicker without long cutscenes and random battles to wade through!

If you have been watching the anime, it's worth sticking around though because Persona 5 has an unpredictable yet rewarding storyline. You will want to know what happens at the end of it!

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