WWE Fastlane 2018 Results/Review; WrestleMania 34 Matches Now Set

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WWE Fastlane 2018 marked the last PPV event before WrestleMania 34. The winners of this PPV will now go on to have big matches at WrestleMania 34 on April 8th, 2018 in New Orleans. 

Before this PPV started, I was not particularly excited about any of the matches because Smackdown Live has been boring lately. Thankfully, Fastlane 2018 was better than I expected as a decent effort was made from most of the matches. 

The first match of the card was Rusev vs Shinsuke Nakamura and I was pleasantly surprised with this match. Nakamura and Rusev had a back and forth competitive match that lasted close to 15 minutes. 

It was mostly a clean match with a clean finish since Aiden English did not really do any interferences or other shenanigans. Nakamura won at the end though in what was a decent opener for the show. 

My second favorite match of the night belonged to Randy Orton vs Bobby Roode for the US Title.

I was scared this match would have been boring because this was the first time these guys have faced each other in a one-on-one match.

While the match started off slightly slow, things started to pick up towards the end and it was also a clean match. Jinder Mahal did not run in until after the match was over. 

At the end though, Randy Orton delivered an amazing RKO to win the US Title for the very first time in his career.

Jinder Mahal came to try and spoil his victory which means we might see a Triple Threat at WrestleMania 34.

The next two matches were the weakest efforts thanks to them being short and not meaning very much. The team of Natalya and Carmella beat Becky Lynch and Naomi in an average effort. 

The tag match between The Usos and The New Day was also uneventful mainly because The Bludgeon Brothers came in to interfere. Sadly, it looks like Xavier Woods got legitimately injured during the beat down and I hope he's okay. 

Much like the US Title match, we could see another Triple Threat match at WrestleMania 34 since WWE wants to see as many people on the card as possible. 

Charlotte Flair vs Ruby Riott was next and this was a good match, although slightly predictable.

Ruby Riott is very talented, although she was no match for the much more experienced Charlotte who made her tap out with the 'Figure 8'.

After the match, Asuka came down to the ring to challenge Charlotte for the Smackdown Women's Title at WrestleMania 34. This is one match that I cannot wait to see!

The main event was the Six Pack Challenge for the WWE Title that included AJ Styles, John Cena, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler. It was an overbooked match, but it was still fast and entertaining. 

Shane McMahon was at ringside and practically ruined the chances of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens from winning the match.

I thought Shane acted like a heel here because his interference in the match seemed unfair to both Owens and Zayn.

I also laughed at how many times John Cena did the Attitude Adjustment in this match. He practically did it five times with Styles getting it last on top of the commentator's table. 

In the end though, Styles recovered and pinned Owens after he did the 'Phenomenal Forearm' to retain the WWE Title. He will go on to face Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania 34 in what many people call a dream match. 

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