Avengers: Infinity War Sounds Insanely Good At The Moment

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At the D23 Expo, attendees were lucky enough to see an early trailer for Avengers: Infinity War.

The movie could be the biggest movie of all time judging by the descriptions revealed from the trailer. It is by far has the most star-studded cast of all time.

Unfortunately, Disney and Marvel are not releasing a trailer online for the public to see just yet.

All we have right now are descriptions revealed by those that attended the event. Thankfully, The Hollywood Reporter has noted down some of the highlights from the trailer.

The opening of the trailer sounds humorous even though the stakes are very high. Thor is hurling through space and crashes into the spaceship of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

At this point, the Guardians of the Galaxy don't know Thor and if he's good or bad. Mantis has to wake him up and Thor asks them who they are.

Elsewhere in the trailer, it sounds like things aren't going well for people on Earth. Loki is back and doing his usual evil deeds.

Peter Parker seems to have Spider-Sense in the movie and will be suiting up. An interesting revelation is that Parker will don a new Spider-Man suit! Loki seems to be battling Vision and Scarlett Witch.

Thanos actually has his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet and even pulls down the moon on a planet. Doctor Strange, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Iron Man have to battle Thanos at this point.

There are other characters shown in the trailer too such as Black Panther, Captain America, Winter Soldier and Black Widow.

Pretty much everyone from the MCU will be in this movie to try and take down Thanos from potentially ruling the entire Universe.

Comic Con is next week so hopefully they can at least release some type of teaser trailer for the rest of us to see.

The movie itself will be out on May 4th, 2018. It could be one of the biggest Box Office earners of all time

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