OMG! Miranda Cosgrove is Coming Back to TV

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Miranda Cosgrove fans rejoice! After being under the radar for quite a while, she's about to come back with a new show on NBC. The show, called "Spaced Out" appears to be about a character like Elon Musk, who after developing several successful startup companies, has decided to go into space exploration. There seems to be a little "Good Will Hunting" mixed in as well.

On Miranda Cosgrove's new show, she will be playing a brilliant programmer - it looks like she starting to be typecast in the role of somebody brilliant - who will be working with the main character in his office.

The show is a comedy, somewhat in the style of "The Office," but the main character will be somebody who comes from working-class family - not like the other engineers in the office.

After the cancellation of NBC's "Crowded" which only lasted 13 episodes, Miranda has not been doing too much acting, and she's been focusing more on her music, and of course her work at USC. Miranda has also been working on the "Despicable Me" series, where she voices one of the main characters.

Like in her new role, in "Crowded," Miranda played a brilliant engineer, but instead of a software engineer, she was an astrophysicist from MIT. Most of us know Miranda Cosgrove from her hit show "iCarly," and "Drake and Josh" before that where she became a household name for her comedy timing. ICarly lasted several seasons, before Miranda chose to attend college at USC, instead of directly continuing and acting.

Interestingly enough, Miranda still spends a lot of time with her best friend Jeanette McCurdy, who was her costar in iCarly, as well as Mia Serafino, her costar in "Crowded."

"Spaced Out" is a show made by the creators of "Undateable."

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