Viola Davis Says No More Sex Scenes During The Ellen Show

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Well fans of Viola Davis will no longer be seeing her in sex scenes according to her most recent interview on The Ellen Show. Davis sat down to chat about her daughter, acting and much more during her visit.

DeGeneres told Davis that her daughter sounds adorable.

The six-year-old loves Beyonce and asked if she could go to a concert.

Davis said they told her no and she went on to beg her mother by telling her "you don't know what Lemonade means to me mommy." She said that her daughter very much wants to be an actor as she described how much her daughter tries to convince her that she can live, breathe and remember the words.

Meanwhile, when DeGeneres asked for a little scoop on the new season of How To Get Away With Murder, Davis said there is a mystery that they are trying to figure out and added that there will be no more sex scenes. She specifically said she didn't want to be thrown up against the wall like the first season.

It caused her to throw her back and hip out so she didn't want any walls. You can check out the fun interview with Ellen DeGeneres and Viola Davis in the video below.

Viola Davis Tells Ellen DeGeneres She Is Done With Sex Scenes