This Snoop Dogg CRAZY Fast Money Family Feud Outtake is Hilarious

The new Celebrity Family Feud twist on the classic show might be one of the greatest ideas ever.

This time around, Snoop Dogg and his family took on the challenge and it led to an amazing outtake that has us all asking "what did he just say?"

Snoop took the stage for his shot at completing the survey and taking the winnings home for the Snoop Youth Football League. He began with pretty normal answers and solid ones at that.

When asked how much women say their purses weigh, Snoop answered 3, pretty normal. He answered French when asked about dressings found at a salad bar and April Fool's Day when asked what events occur in April.

Now, it gets a little tricky when he is asked to fill in the blank for "pie in the." He filled it in with what sounded like horse. However, it was such a strange answer, host Steve Harvey couldn't understand what was said.

He finished it off with a proper answer when asked to name a color on a traffic light.

When it came time for the reveal Harvey just wanted to know what Snoop said. He found out that it was Horse and was visible shocked. He started to make a joke about Snoop smoking and doing a little damage to his brain cells after the answer.

He had the entire crowd laughing up to the reveal when Snoop just needed one more point.

Of course, Snoop didn't get the point but he did manage to pull it together for the final answer. You can watch the hilarious reaction in the Celebrity Family Feud video below.

Watch Snoop Dogg's Celebrity Family Feud CRAZY Fast Money Outtake

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