Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 Review/Recap: SSG Goku Teams Up With Hit

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Dragon Ball Super episode 104 features an interesting encounter with Goku teaming up with Hit.

The two are the most powerful fighters for their respective Universes and now they have to work together in order to fight the warriors from Universe 11. Are they able to succeed as a team?

At the start of this episode, we see a showdown between Hit and Dyspo (the Beerus looking guy) from Universe 11. Hit is going at it alone at the start since Caulifa and Kale are looking on.

They both feel Hit will be able to handle Dypso by himself.

However, Dyspo turns out to be a formidable opponent because he knows of Hit's Time Skip technique. He manages to punch Hit in the face much to the amazement of everyone.

Things aren't looking good because Hit is umm hit (pardon the pun) a second time. This is very interesting because Hit is rarely hit by his opponents when using the Time Skip.

Even Goku didn't have an easy time fighting Hit the first time they met one another. Champa is very annoyed by what is going on at the moment.

It seems as if Hit and Dyspo are traveling too fast that even the pair of Zen-Ohs are too slow to watch the action. Thankfully their tablets have a new feature where they can watch the action in slow motion.

They better thank the Great Priest for letting them know about it. We actually find out that Dyspo is faster than both speed and light!

Dyspo is able to predict where Hit is going because he listens to the sounds of his muscles. Hit seems unable to counter attack Dyspo using the Time Skip.

I admire the fact that Dragon Ball Super is giving some screen time to these two characters. Hit is my favorite of the tournament so far, but he's being challenged by Dyspo.

As the two fight, it seems as if Hit is adapting to the speed of Dyspo's attacks. This is awesome as it shows the fighting knowledge that Hit possesses.

Even Jiren who is looking on seems to be concerned about what is developing. Hit is a very smart fighter that can adapt to any challenge. However, Hit is still being punched around a lot...

Hit is really smart and stays near the edge of the ring. Just about as Dyspo goes for the final blow, Hit uses a technique (like The Flash) to phase through Dyspo's body.

Dyspo is then sent flying out of the ring, but he is saved by Kunshi who is his Pride Trooper mate. Kunshi can conjure up some ropes/webs from his palms. Dyspo is luckily saved from being eliminated.

After that initial scare for Universe 11, Kunshi and Dyspo decide to fight Hit in a handicap match. The odds are not in Hit's favor at the moment. Dyspo's great speed and Kunshi's rope attack are taking a toll on Hit.

Caulifa is about to step in and help her Universe 6 mate, but a beam of huge energy blocks Dyspo.

This huge red energy turns out to be the original Super Saiyan God Goku. He has not used this form since he first fought Beerus!

Thankfully, the odds are now even as it's SSG Goku and Hit vs. Kunshi and Dyspo. Whis says this form uses less energy than Super Saiyan Blue, but his speed is much faster than a normal Super Saiyan.

Even though the odds are even, Kunshi and Dyspo are not easy opponents. Goku cannot even use Instant Transmission. In order to read Dyspo's movements, Goku temporairly uses Super Saiyan Blue.

Hit is able to punch Kunshi easily using his heart punch/shockwave technique. This is the same move he used to "kill" Goku. After that, Hit punches Dyspo really hard in the gut.

Hit then beats Dyspo up while Goku beats up Kunshi too. After a bit of a scuffle, Hit manages to eliminate Kunshi.

There are only three fighters left in Universe 11: Dyspo, Toppo and Jiren. Hit and Goku promise to meet each other if they are the final two.

Again, this was another action packed and entertaining episode of Dragon Ball Super. It's great to see Hit getting a lot of screen time and seeing the Super Saiyan God form of Goku was also cool to see.

It will be interesting to see how Universe 11 reacts to the team of Goku and Hit again. I'm pretty sure Toppo and Jiren won't be holding back.

Next week looks like another comedy episode since it focuses on Master Roshi.

Roshi has to hold back his behavior since he's facing up against a beautiful woman from Universe 4. I doubt Roshi is going to be successful in holding back his urges...

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