Shuri From Black Panther Gets Her Own Hot Toys Figurine

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Shuri from Black Panther was a huge favorite for many in the movie and now the character is getting her own figurine courtesy of Hot Toys.

This is by far the best action figure you can get for the character to date.

Hot Toys announced/revealed the new Shuri toy over on its official Facebook page earlier this week. You can read the full announcement for the toy posted down below.

"Hot Toys is more than excited to introduce fans today the long awaited 1/6th scale collectible figure featuring T’Challa’s innovative little sister – Shuri of Black Panther. Beautifully crafted based on the appearance of Letitia Wright as Shuri in the movie, the highly-accurate collectible figure features a newly developed head sculpt with detailed hair sculpture, a newly developed body, an adorned elaborate new battle suit and neck ring, a Wakandan pattern sash, a wide range of weapons and accessories including a pair of LED light up Vibranium Guantlets, a spear, a Kimoyo Beads bracelet and a movie themed figure stand! Gear up now to defend Wakanda with Shuri and her eye-catching weapon! #HotToys #SixScale #Collectibles #Marvel #MarvelStudios #BlackPanther #Shuri #Letitia Wright"

The Shuri figure was not the only new Black Panther toy that Hot Toys revealed today. Also revealed is a new collectible throne that was featured in the movie.

You can read more on that in the announcement posted below as well.

"Perfectly crafted with authentic and fantastic details, the movie-accurate 1/6th scale Wakanda Throne collectible stands approximately 32.5cm in height, 19 cm in width features an extra-high back peacock chair that beautifully combined with woven rattan ends, decorated with Wakanda’s unique graphical script, and finished with metallic painting and natural wood grain texture intricately."

Both toys should be out very soon so stay tuned for more details. Make sure to check back with Hot Toys on social media for more info on other future action figures.

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