What Will be Whitney Way Thore's Response to Body Shaming?

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If you've been following Whitney Way Thore's hit TLC show, "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" over the past few years, then you know that Whitney's weight is a topic that evokes strong emotions. On the one hand, Whitney wants to lose weight and attain a weight that enables her to live a healthy life.

On the other hand, Whitney is on a campaign to say no to body shaming and inspire women every where to accept their bodies as they are.

The issue is a true double edged sword for Whitney and the emotional pull of the show lies in this paradox.

So what are our predictions for the next episode of "My Big Fat Fabulous Life,' then, given that the last episode concluded with a tense moment in which a stranger shamed Whitney about her body size at the Gay Pride Parade?

Whitney Way Thore Will Launch nobodyshame.com

We know that Whitney launched her site nobodyshame.com in 2016. It's certainly possible that the last episode could have been Whitney's inspiration.

After all, the site promotes the importance of body acceptance and also offers Whitney's workout videos and information about dance classes.

Additionally, you can purchase clothing with the statement "no body shame" emblazoned across the front. We're predicting that Whitney's passion to push body acceptance may have been borne from the last episode's pivotal scene.

Whitney Way Thore Will Turn Up The Heat With Roy

Part of what makes My Big Fat Fabulous Life so addictive is watching Whitney's tenacity and confidence. So we're predicting that over the course of this season, Whitney is going to turn up her interest in flirting with Roy, her purported boss at her new job working as a radio DJ. Of course, Roy insists that he has a girlfriend. Will Whitney instigate a breakup?

Whitney Returns to Training

The past seasons have seen Whitney struggle with wanting to continue with her workouts and even get into conflicts with her trainer.

But given that that this season she's had so much discipline that she's actually inspired Buddy to workout, we have a strong feeling that Whitney might just make her training goal this time around.

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