It Sounds Like 'The Batman' Film Directed By Matt Reeves Won't Be Starting Production Until 2019

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The Batman film from Warner Bros has been kind of in limbo over the last couple of years since the script had to be rewritten and Matt Reeves overtook Ben Affleck as the director.

Now it sounds like the film won't be starting production until the year 2019.

As reported by Heroic Hollywood, the website has learned that The Batman won't be fully in production until 2019 at the earliest.

This is because DC and Warner Bros are already in production with other comic book movies this year including Shazam and Wonder Woman 2.

If this report ends up being true, we might not see 'The Batman' get released until the year 2020 or 2021.

That's a very long time considering Warner Bros initially wanted the film to be released in 2018 or 2019, but that's not going to happen anymore.

Plans for the film kind of went off the rails ever since Ben Affleck decided to step down as the writer and director.

War for the Planet of the Apes' Matt Reeves was brought on board as his replacement and the direction for the film completely changed.

It's rumored 'The Batman' will no longer star Ben Affleck and a younger version of Bruce Wayne might be in the film.

Speculative reports say that Matt Reeves is really keen on casting Jake Gyllenhaal as the new version of The Dark Knight.

Ben Affleck only has one more film left in his current DCEU contract and it's expected his last appearance in the franchise will be in the Flashpoint film.

Affleck could always sign a new contract, although his age might prevent him from suiting up as Batman for a longer period of time.

It might make sense to recast Batman and have Jake Gyllenhaal overtake things for the foreseeable future. Gyllenhaal is much younger than Affleck and could squeeze in a possible trilogy if Matt Reeves decides to make more films about Batman. 

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