Why are Democrats Considering Punishment for 'Designated Survivor' TV Show?

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With all of the issues that politicians have before them, and all of the issues that Democrats are fighting on, you wouldn't think that they would have time to draw up and vote on less-than-vital resolutions.

But it looks like they do.

According to Wall Street Journal reporter Reid Epstein, at their February 23, 2017 meeting, Democrats plan to consider a resolution to "admonish" the TV show Designated Survivor.

Why would a political party want to condemn random television drama on ABC? It all has to do with FBI director James Comey, and their anger at him.

Regarding Designated Survivor the resolution states that "the portrayal of the situation is unbelievable and could result in the undermining of faith and the FBI."

What does that mean? It appears that Democrats are concerned that Designated Survivor portrays the FBI director as being blackmailed into doing something inappropriate.

Democrats appear to be arguing that people may think that Comey is being blackmailed -- because that's what happens on the TV show.

If people believe that Comey is being blackmailed, Democrats suggest, then they will not be as quick to blame Comey for his actions during the 2016 election.

Democrats want to point out that Comey "demonstrated... That he does not need to be blackmailed to engage in illegal partisan actions."

The title of the resolution is "resolution to admonish the ABC TV show Designated Survivor and to defend FBI director James Comey." Later in the resolution, it reads: "director Comey's infamous, partisan and illegal letters resulted in the election of the man some referred to as 'not my president'."

This resolution is likely one of many to be considered that will essentially be underhanded criticisms of Comey and his actions. We'll have to wait and see if it's the craziest.

No word yet from Kiefer Sutherland or the other stars regarding their opinion of the resolution.