Baller Wives VH1 Episode 4 Recap: The Fashion Show Fight

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Tonight was the fourth episode of VH1's hit Baller Wives.

Baller Wives VH1 Episode 4 Recap: Jeniva and Asante Samuel

This episode begins with Jeniva and Miko sitting down to discuss what happened with the party. Miko claims that Jeniva didn't show up to the party because of Stacey Chambers. Jeniva at first argues, but she eventually admits it.

Jeniva is working on her fashion preview. She's trying a reggae theme. She goes out with Kijafa to look at patterns.

Back at home, Asante is trying to deal with his two daughters. He's trying to cook and clean. He's also trying to do the girls' nails.

At night, Asante and Jeniva go to a Japanese restaurant. Jeniva complains about how much work it has been to set up her fashion preview.

Baller Wives VH1 Episode 4 Recap: Miko and Brent Grimes

Miko has her friend Crystal over for drinks. Miko tells Crystal about the Jeniva preview, and she invites Crystal to attend.

Baller Wives VH1 Episode 4 Recap: Kijafa and Michael Vick

Kijafa and Michael Vick are playing golf. Kijafa tells Michael that Chris and Stacy may be leaving, and she's happy. But Michael is not happy about this; he thinks the whole situation is petty.

At the races, Kijafa and her friends are discussing things, and she says she got a text from Stacey asking to patch things up. She doesn't want to answer.

Back at home, Kijafa tells Michael about Stacey's text. Michael is upset that Kijafa plans to ignore the text.

Baller Wives VH1 Episode 4 Recap: Stacey and Chris Chambers

Stacey and Chris are at the Funderdome with Crystal. They're having fun, but Chris decides to discuss his relationship with Michael Vick.

Chris is not happy that he can't be friends with Michael anymore, so he wants to sort out the situation between Stacey and Kijafa. Stacey says she will think about whether she's willing to talk to Kijafa.

Stacey and Chris are at their new house, and they're discussing the new baby...and then her water breaks. Chris gets her into the car.

They fast forward one week, and Stacey brings the new baby home. As soon as the baby is home, Chris returns to the Kijafa situation. Stacey agrees to reach out and try to clear the air.

Stacey brings the baby over to Miko's house, and the women tell her about he fashion show. She finds out Carmena is coming to the event, but she tells the other women that she texted Kijanfa.

Baller Wives VH1 Episode 4 Recap: The Fashion Preview

At the fashion preview, Jeniva gets everything all together as the women arrive.

There's some drama between Emmaly and Crystal. Crystal comes with a bunch of friends, and Emmaly thinks that Crystal is coming to fight.

Emmaly leaves, and Crystal gets really angry.

Miko confronts Carmena about what she did to Stacey. Carmena has her explanation: when Kijafa's mom died, Stacey said it was good that her mom died.

That made Carmena really angry, and she says she exploded -- ten minutes later. Carmena is willing to apologize if Stacey apologizes to Kijafa.

Miko is really upset, and Kijafa doesn't want to do anything.

That's the end of this episode...