Roger Hiorns and impressive crystallized art installations

Roger Hiorns is an English artist that creates magical art installations full of creativity.

In London he created an installation called 'Seizure', located in Elephant & Castle, that represents the most ambitious of his projects, as it's a whole apartment invaded by his sculpture. The result is an entire cladding of the surface with crystals of potassium sulphate, a chemical solution poured inside a room that solidifies in two weeks.
At the end of the process the crystals shows walls of a powerful blue, creating a monochrome sculpture of great visual impact.

The effect is magical, almost surreal, with a side of aggression, as sulphate is poisonous and the crystals are very sharp and therefore present another danger factor.

In fact, the public is warned before entering of the risks and to be careful.

"Caves are the earliest forms of dwelling and crystal caves do occur naturally in the form of salt and gypsum caves. And in a way this project is converting a concrete modernist building into a cave," Hiorns stated about the project.

"The work isn't about architecture but there is that element of architectural reversion about it.

Plus I am originally from Birmingham, so, for me, being surrounded by concrete is natural."
Roger Hiorns as always uses unusual materials to create surprising effects, and in the past he already crystallized cars' engines and other objects of daily use.