The Flash Season 4 Episode 4 Review/Recap: Danny Trejo Shines

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It's rare for The Flash TV show to feature a special guest and this week we get to see a Hollywood legend.

The ever charismatic and funny actor Danny Trejo is featured in this week's episode playing a character by the name of Breacher. He's somewhat of a bounty hunter set out to destroy Cisco.

Trejo plays the father of Gypsy and he does not feel Cisco is a worthy boyfriend. Trejo is by far the best part of this week's episode.

He has a cool and cold demeanor to him and it's funny to see how scared Cisco is of him. Apparently, Gypsy's father has hunted down all of her previous boyfriends and some of them never survived.

Trejo is part of the side story as this week focuses on the character called Ralph Dibny. Dibny is a Private Investigator who used to be a detective working with Barry Allen.

However, Allen has his issues with Dibny since he tampered with some evidence in a murder case. Barry cannot trust him, even though he hasn't done anything bad yet.

The team actually investigate people that rode on the bus when they got exposed to the dark energy that Barry left when he escaped the Speed Force.

Dibny is the next person they want to talk to, but Dibny isn't a supervillain. He does however have stretchy powers and is dubbed the Elongated Man or Plastic Man.

Some hitmen try to kill Dibny, but he manages to survive thanks to his newfound stretchy powers. Barry and the team take him to Star Labs to help him get used to his new powers.

Despite not committing any crimes, Barry cannot let his grudge go. Thankfully Caitlin Snow is more sympathetic and offers Dibny a second chance. After all, she too previously struggled with her Killer Frost powers.

We learn Dibny is not the most noble person in Central City, but he technically never committed a crime. The only dirt he has is of the Mayor.

Dibny was approached by a client to take photos of the Mayor.

The Mayor was cheating on his wife. In order to prevent this from becoming public, Dibny orders The Mayor to pay him lots of money to keep quiet and obtain the photos.

The blackmail doesn't go according to plan. Barry Allen and Joe West find out what happens and The Mayor is highly annoyed.

The Mayor orders his hitmen again to kill Barry, Joe and Dibny. Luckily, Barry is able to prevent himself and Joe from dying due to his Flash powers. The Mayor is now going to kill Dibny.

Dibny meets the Mayor in a dark alley hoping to get paid $200,000. The deal is about to go down, but the Mayor tries to kill Dibny.

Thankfully, Dibny does not die thanks to his powers. The Flash shows up to arrest the Mayor, but Danny Trejo's Breacher appears.

Breacher is a bit delusional and thinks The Flash is a villain from Universe 19. He starts attacking Barry while the Mayor kidnaps a nearby Joe and escapes inside a helicopter.

Cisco arrives and vows to fight Breacher to protect Barry. Breacher stops his attack and somewhat respects Cisco after that.

However, Joe is still kidnapped in a helicopter and both The Flash and Cisco cannot catch it.

Dibny is the one that somewhat has to save the day by grabbing the helicopter with his long limbs. The Flash uses Dibny's arms as a bridge and finally apprehends the evil Mayor.

Gypsy and Breacher go back to Universe 19. We learn their real names are both Cynthia and Josh respetively.

Cisco has earned the respect of Breacher, although he still hates him.

Hopefully Danny Trejo is able to come back for one more episode. He's my second favorite special guest actor after Mark Hamill appeared as The Trickster several years ago.

I was also impressed by the acting of Hartley Sawyer who plays Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man. His performance reminded me of much younger Jim Carrey.

They even look somewhat similar too. Season 4 is again going for a more humorous tone as both Sawyer and Trejo knocked it out of the park in my opinion.

Surprisingly, The Thinker did not appear much in this week's episode. Although there is a tease that The Flash team will know him sooner rather than later.

Not to mention we might see the return of Killer Frost in a future episode too! It's also worth mentioning this week's episode was directed by Tom Cavanagh who plays Harrison Wells on the show.

I'm hoping Cavanagh directs more episodes as this one was very entertaining.

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