The Wonder Woman Movie Has Been Banned In The Country Of Lebanon

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The Government of Lebanon has now officially banned Wonder Woman from screening in the country.

This is due to the fact that the country is still at war with Israel and the main star Gal Gadot is an Israeli who has already served her time in the military.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed this news as the movie was banned just hours before it was set to debut in Beirut.

This may come as sad news to any Lebanese Wonder Woman fans out there, although the movie would not have been shown at many locations.

The international Box Office intake for the film is unlikely going to be affected because Lebanon had only planned to show the movie at 15 locations in total.

For anyone living in Lebanon, they may have to travel overseas to watch the movie, or view it by other means.

Lebanon and Israel have been at war with one another for decades and it's unlikely that the two countries will be ending their conflict.

It will be interesting to see if Lebanon will choose to ban the Justice League movie too which is out this November.

Gal Gadot is expected to have a prominent role in the Justice League movie due to Henry Cavill's Superman not going to appear in the whole film.

Warner Bros. may not have to worry about the film doing badly as the reviews for it have been stellar.

It is currently the best reviewed superhero movie of all time and is likely going to dominate the Box Office worldwide this June. The film's momentum should hopefully carry over to the aforementioned Justice League.

The success of Wonder Woman could also propel Gal Gadot's status in Hollywood.

We may see her in even more roles as her performance in the new movie has been praised by a lot of people that have seen the movie already.

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