WWE Keeps Visiting The Same American Cities And Venues For WrestleMania

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WrestleMania used to be an event that traveled across North America being set in numerous different cities and venues.

Alas in recent times, the WWE has opted to visit the same cities and venues it was in just a few years ago.

Historically, WWE usually listens to the bids of various US and Canadian cities that want to host WrestleMania each year.

After listening to the bids, the WWE will then decide who will get the rights to host its annual professional wrestling event.

In the past we've seen unique cities and venues host WrestleMania such as Safeco Field in Seattle back in 2003, Ford Field in Detroit in 2007 and more.

However, WWE over the past two or three years are now just going back to the same places without giving new cities are chance to shine to a worldwide audience.

It all started last year when WrestleMania 33 was in Orlando, Florida. The event was held at the Camping World Stadium which was the same event WWE visited for WrestleMania 24 back in 2008. 

A nine year gap is quite a long time, so I will give WWE a pass here. Not to mention Florida is a very sunny state so the weather is usually nice. 

This year though, WrestleMania 34 is being held in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Superdome. This is the exact same city and place that WWE visited only four years ago back in 2014!

I don't know why WWE would choose to go back to New Orleans so soon.

The only reason I can think of is that it must not be too expensive to rent the Superdome compared to other football stadiums across North America.

Now it's just been announced that WrestleMania 35 will be held at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey/New York. This is the same location that the WWE visited back in 2013 which will only be a six year gap when 2019 rolls around. 

Business wise, it makes sense for WWE to visit the bigger cities because it's easier and more convenient for people across North America and the world to travel these locations.

Not to mention North America is the best location thanks to timezones so we're unlucky to see the event being held in the UK or Australia...

As a fan though, I usually liked it when WWE visited different cities and venues because it gave the show a breath of fresh air. WrestleMania 31 and WrestleMania 32 looked pretty cool because the WWE were in newer venues. 

It gets a bit boring if WWE is going to just rotate WrestleMania in the same cities over and over again in the near future.

Let's hope for WrestleMania 36, we get to see the big show being held in a location that's never held it before.

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