Ellen DeGeneres, Big Sean, Migos, Lin-Manuel Miranda and More Remix 'Read It'

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A few episodes ago Ellen DeGeneres featured and incredible teacher who, against all of the odds stacked against his students, encouraged them to learn and get excited about education. This week, Mr.

Bonner and his students returned to The Ellen Show to premiere a remix of their song "Read It," featuring Ellen DeGeneres, Migos, Big Sean, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ice Cube and Ty Dolla $ign.

DeGeneres said that they put Mr. Bonner and his students in a recording studio and then got surprised with a special guest. Mr.

Bonner explained that her was surprised by Big Sean who is also in the music video for "Read It." Mr.

Bonner said it felt weird for a little big because he felt like a groupie since he was a fan of Big Sean. Without any more delay, DeGeneres played the brand new music video for the "Read It" remix.

Mr. Bonner kicks off the video in his class when Big Sean walks in, and kicks off the track. Lin-Manuel Miranda comes in for a couple of verses.

DeGeneres and Ice Cube help out with the chorus of the track.

The song features a highly catchy beat and some more cameos by Migos and Ty Dolla $ign. We can't forget the fact that tWitch was actually in the video dancing with the kids.

You can check out this awesome music video and Mr. Bonner's return with his students in The Ellen Show videos below.

Ellen DeGeneres, Big Sean, Migos, Lin-Manuel Miranda and More Remix 'Read It'

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