MTV And Ice Cube Want To Bring Back Celebrity Deathmatch

Celebrity Deathmatch originally aired in the late '90s and was a funny animated TV show that pitted many known celebrities to fight inside of a wrestling ring.

Some stars came to use their real voices on the show, while others were spoofs. In either case, it was a very entertaining show.

Now Variety reports that MTV Studios along with Ice Cube want to remake the series for a 2019 revival.

The original show aired from 1998 until the year 2001 and featured guests like Stone Cold Steve Austin and other WWE stars during that era.

Some of the celebrities that were included in the first few seasons were the likes of Michael Jackson, Marilyn Manson, Eminem, The Undertaker, Paris Hilton and several other famous names during that time.

I'm guessing this reboot will be using more contemporary celebrities such as YouTube stars and more. I wouldn't be surprised if the likes of Logan Paul, Jake Paul and KSI have guest appearances on the new Celebrity Deathmatch.

Ice Cube and MTV President Chris McCarthy gave comments about the revival. You can read their comments posted down below.

“We’re excited to grow our partnership with Ice Cube and Cube Vision to reimagine this fan favorite,” said Chris McCarthy, president of MTV, VH1 and CMT. “’Deathmatch’ was the meme before memes, remains a hot topic on social media and will be a smart, funny way to tackle the over-the-top rhetoric of today’s pop culture where it belongs – in the wrestling ring.”

“Happy to once again be working with Viacom and MTV on a fan favorite like ‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ and to continue our success together,” said Ice Cube."

The new Celebrity Deathmatch will debut sometime in 2019. Before that happens, the show will need to find a network partner although MTV itself might be the best location for it.

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