Comic Con: The CW Releases New Trailers For Supergirl and The Flash

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The CW will be releasing Season 4 of Supergirl and Season 5 of The Flash later this year and both shows promise to deliver us new villains and new characters to look out for.

Not to mention the new seasons also promise to show us a lot of action.

The Flash Season 5 is going to be interesting mainly because it will focus on the character of Nora Allen. Nora Allen is the future daughter of Barry and Iris West, but she's now stuck in the past for some reason.

Nora is also a speedster so she can help Barry fight off crime when she's needed. Not to mention Season 5 of The Flash also introduces fans to the Flash Ring that's featured in the comic books.

This season's main villain is named the Cicada played by Chris Klein (American Pie). Not much is known about this villain's intentions, but he's sure to make life a living hell from Team Flash in the new season.

Season 5 of The Flash returns on Tuesday nights on October 9th, 2018.

The other CW show coming back later this year will be the fourth season of Supergirl. That show will also include several new characters including the first ever transgender hero on the show as well as another big bad villain.

The transgender character is named Nia Nal and she will be portrayed by Nicole Maines who is an actual transgender woman.

The alter ego of Nia Nal is called Dreamer and she should be able to help out Supergirl and her friends.

It appears The CW has put a bigger budget for Season 4 because it looks like there will be a lot of action. Season 4 of the Supergirl will air on Sundays starting from October 14th, 2018.

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