Marilyn Minter and transgression in art

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Marilyn Minter is a painter, sculptor, filmmaker and photographer from the States whose work swings between pulp and pop, mixed with a touch of eroticism and transgression.

She plays with the symbols of seduction, with the lips recurring in more artworks and under different lights. They can appear in caricature form, covered in gold or particular liquids, but never losing their charm.
A division of the body that Minter likes to portray with bright colors and attention to details. One of her most controversial works is 'Green Pink Caviar', a video where the only protagonist is the mouth, especially the tongue, intent in licking gelatinous substances of different colors.
Marilyn Minter as photographer shows her most authentic nature with photos of great poetry that reflect the condition of women.

Her work shows a more intense and melancholic side in the photographs of her mother, showing intimacy, the growing older and her abandonment.
Minter likes to explore the complex relationship of a woman with her body, displaying the aversion towards it and its change through the passing of time.
On why pornography is so taboo for female artists she says, "There's just this glass ceiling when it comes to women working with sexual imagery. Look at Laurel Nakadate, a really great, interesting artist.

She's making a picture of a reality that exists, and it's never been documented by anyone, male or female. Hers is a fresh vision, and her critics dismiss it as exploitation!"