Disney Could Be Purchasing Fox's Assets For Over $60 Billion

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Disney purchasing Fox's many assets could be as expensive as over $60 billion according to a new report that surfaced earlier today. The deal is so large, Disney outbid some of its rivals in the process.

As reported by CNBC, Disney and Fox a very close in closing the deal of the century.

Comcast and Sony were other companies interested in Fox, but Disney's offer was more enticing. It's possible Disney simply had more money on the table.

Interestingly enough, the deal is expected to be finalized as soon as next week. If not then, the deal will definitely be announced officially before the end of 2017.

Bear in mind, Disney is not buying the entire Fox company. It will just buy several of its assets including its film and TV divisions.

Fox itself will still have control of its own network, sports channel plus news and business divisions. Other than that, all of the major assets will soon belong to Disney.

The reason fans are excited over this deal are thanks to the possibilities it could do to the comic book movie genre.

Sadly, the Marvel film universe was never complete with the X-Men and Fantastic Four owned by a rival film studio.

If this deal is made, Disney will now own the films rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Those popular characters could finally be integrated to the popular MCU.

The Fantastic Four was never done right by Fox, so it's likely Disney/Marvel will reboot the characters to make them more likeable.

Not to mention seeing Wolverine fight alongside the Hulk and more could make for exciting movies in the future.

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