The Flash Season 4 Episode 22 Recap/Review: 'Think Fast'

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When a TV series nears its Season Finale, normally things get more exciting. However, this week's episode of The Flash was a mixed bag which has been a recurring thing for this entire Season 4.

'Think Fast' opened in an awesome way when Clifford DeVoe was infiltrating the ARGUS facility and killing every guard he sees with all of his cool powers.

It reminded me a bit of the Wolverine scene that featured in X-Men: Apocalypse.

Sadly, that was the only real action sequence of the entire episode as the forced comedy rears its ugly head yet again.

Despite Ralph Dibny no longer being on the show, Season 4 continues to add unwanted comedy even though the stakes are high.

The comedy mostly involved the side story this week as Cecile's mind powers are going haywire.

Instead of reading people's minds, she now recites what people are thinking and acts out of character.

I thought this seemed like a waste of time since Team Flash only had 12 hours to stop DeVoe and his plan for the 'Enlightenment'.

The final thing DeVoe needs to do is power up the satellites by using the metahuman called 'Fallout' who has all of the nuclear energy.

The Flash has to find a way to stop the satellites from launching while at the same time rescue the hostages trapped inside the ARGUS facility.

The Flash has to use 'Flashtime' which is the slow motion effect we see as the audience.

The trouble is that he cannot save everyone so he has to bring both Cisco and Caitlin to rescue the hostages while he goes after DeVoe.

It's so weird that the world is in danger, yet Team Flash still does not seek help from either Wally West or Jesse Quick.

I'm pretty sure those two speedsters could have helped Barry easily, but instead Caitlin and Cisco have to learn how to enter 'Flashtime' without hurting themselves.

Barry gets a bit anxious dragging Cisco and Caitlin to the mission because he's scared they will die. He's still having some PTSD after blaming himself for Ralph Dibny's death from DeVoe.

Thankfully, Cisco talks some sense into Barry because the world is in danger and they must to something quickly. To cut a long story short, Cisco and Caitlin eventually help Barry rescue all of the hostages at ARGUS.

Barry as The Flash is then able to destroy one of DeVoe satellites and he think he has the upper-hand.

However, DeVoe has a back up plan and that's hacking one of the satellites from STAR Labs to complete his mission!

Before the episode ends though, we find out about some new interesting details. One shocking moment is finding out that Killer Frost existed when Caitlin was only a child.

This is shocking mainly because it proves Caitlin had super powers before the Particle Accelerator exploded in Season 1 which gave The Flash his powers. It does suggest that Caitlin could be some type of mutant or something.

The other thing we see is Harrison Wells and Iris West going to England to find Marlize DeVoe.

The two are trying to convince her to be on the good guy's side as nobody wants to live in a world where everyone is dumb.

Anyway, the episode ends with DeVoe in STAR Labs and the 'Enlightenment' is happening. The Flash feels like he has failed and the last episode next week will be interesting to see if Team Flash can stop DeVoe.

As the second to last episode of Season 4, "Think Fast" was surprisingly a disappointing and boring episode.

Most of the episode featured unwanted comedy or the characters just arguing with one another. It just felt like 'Team Flash' did not feel like a proper team this week.

Hopefully the Season Finale next week can pick things up. Season 4 as a whole has been disappointing which is a shame since the earlier seasons of the show have been great.

I'm hoping Team Flash can defeat DeVoe next week as he's not a very exciting villain and Season 5 should introduce someone much better. If the show is able to be as good as Season 1 and 2, that would be great.

In my opinion, The Flash needs a good mix of an exciting villain, a gripping story and a healthy balance of drama and comedy.

Season 4 concentrated too much in the comedy which made the show feel like an outdated campy '90s movie rather than a modern superhero TV show.

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