'Sister Wives' TLC Season 8 Episode 2: Mykelti Might Have to Wait Longer to Get Laid

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On tonight's episode of TLC's Sister Wives, we see the follow up to Mykelti's news that she's getting married.

Janelle talks about the wives' decision to throw Maddie a bridal shower. The wives notes that a bridal shower for polygamists should be truly chaste, without any role for lingerie.

Kody decides to pay Tony a visit to further discuss the details of a possible wedding with Mykelti.

Kody wants to give Mykelti the wedding she deserves, and he can't afford it if the wedding doesn't occur at least a few months after Maddie's wedding.

Kody meets up with Tony to try to speak with him alone. Kody wants to convince Tony to put off the wedding a few months.

Tony says that Mykelti doesn't want a December wedding, but he wants a big wedding and likes the idea of waiting given that.

Kody recognizes that Tony and Mykelti are rushing into a marriage because they're having a chaste courtship, and he recognizes that they don't want to wait to have sex.

Tony agrees to talk to Mykelti to see if she'll agree to delaying their wedding.

Tony also reveals to Kody that he plans to propose to Mykelti the next day.

Meanwhile, during Maddie's wedding planning, everyone shows off their wedding outfits. Kody freaks Maddie out with a camouflage outfit.

Caleb's mom won't be at the wedding because of tragedy in his family.

Kody notes that he's going to be helping Mariah put her stuff in storage for the year. So he takes Gabriel with him.

Kody talks about how Meri's relationship to Mariah has changed because of the catfishing scandal.

Meri is glad that Kody is going to be seeing Mariah. Mariah has been trying to figure out who she is -- separate from the family.

Kody sits down and talks to Mariah about her being angry with Meri. Mariah freely admits to this. Mariah is resentful that Meri wanted her to "accept" Meri's relationship to the person who catfished her. Kody talks about how Mariah may be alienating Meri rather than helping her back into the family.

Still, Mariah feels betrayed by her mother and believes that Meri may have left Kody. Kody is trying to keep Mariah's words from turning himself away from Meri.

Still, Kody is able to make Mariah understand that Meri and he had been drifting apart, and that was the cause of the catfishing incident.

So, he had a part to play in the situation too. Kody tries to take responsibility for this.

Next, Mykelti and Tony head out for a hike. She talks about how Kody likes Tony, but her mom is more protective of her.

Tony looked at rings with Mykelti and picked out the one that she liked in order to propose to her. They then head out on their hike.

Meanwhile, Maddie continues to plan out all of her wedding details.

Maddie wants to make sure everyone runs on time, so she tells the sister wives to be there one hour early so that she can ensure they appear on time.

Meri has another meeting with her therapist and Janelle.

Janelle and Meri have had many years of conflict between them. At the therapy meeting, they manage to laugh about a few good times that they've had in the past.

Janelle feels that therapy has actually improved their relationship, and they're more likely to talk in a meaningful way when they meet.

Meri believes that if she and Janelle continue on the path they're on, they will open up to each other; but right now, they're not there yet. Janelle talks about how scary it is to develop her relationship with Meri.

Finally, Tony has a chance to take Mykelti to the perfect spot for their proposal and surprise her with a truly romantic gesture.

He pops the question and she says "yes." Mykelti sits down with her family and continues to insist that she wants to get married in August. Kody realizes he'll need to take a new tactic to change Mykelti's mind.

Stay tuned for next's weeks drama about everyone's wedding fever.

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