Sony Sets New Release Dates For A He-Man Movie And The Animated Spider-Man Film

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Sony Pictures have announced a pair of new release dates for Masters of the Universe as well as the animated Spider-Man film. There is a lot to look forward to in the next few years or so.

Exhibitor Relations tweeted out that Masters of the Universe will be released on December 18th, 2019. It is still more than two and a half years away. McG was scheduled to be directing the film, but now the movie has no director.

Entertainment Weekly reports McG dropped out and a new director might step in his place. The screenplay will be written by David S. Goyer. Goyer has helped write films such as The Dark Knight and Man of Steel just to name a few.

This will not be the first time that He-Man has been brought over to the big screen. Dolph Lundgren played He-Man back in the '80s in a cheesy version of the character.

Let's hope they choose an actor that looks and fits the part. Kellan Lutz was rumored to be interested in the role last year.

Sony also announced a release date for its animated Spider-Man movie. The release date is now December 14th, 2018.

It will have to compete with Aquaman which will be released one week later. It's worth mentioning 2018 is a grace year since there is no Star Wars or Avatar releasing during that period.

It's also worth mentioning the animated Spider-Man movie is different to Spider-Man: Homecoming coming out later this year. The animated film will instead focus on Miles Morales over Peter Parker.

Morales' story will be new to mainstream audiences so it will be something different. They have featured Peter Parker on the big screen three times already.

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