Disney's 'Andi Mack' Premieres Tonight: Review, Secrets and Spoilers

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This Friday, Disney Channel's Andi Mack will be premiering on TV. The show will be a full hour long, comprising of two episodes. While the first part of the show is available on Disney Channel's website, there's much more...and we've got the scoop.

So what's Andi Mack about? Is it any good? What secrets do we learn? Read on...

'Andi Mack' Episodes 1 and 2, Recap + Spoilers

The premiere of Andi Mack begins with us meeting the protagonist, a young girl with a typical suburban life. We learn that Andi is about to turn 13, and she has two friends: Buffy and Cyrus.

But Andi has another really good friend -- her sister Bex. Bex is the black sheep of the family, in that she isn't particularly responsible.

She rides a motorcycle and travels the world. Bex hasn't been around the house much for the past several years, so when she shows up on Andi's doorstep, it's quite a surprise.

It looks like Bex is ready to settle down and move back home to spend more time with Andi.

This makes Andi ecstatic, but Andi's mother isn't particularly happy. Bex and the mother don't get along too well, and they seem to have a strange relationship.

Andi learns that Bex has a number of secrets and seems to put all of them in a box that Andi's mother doesn't want Andi to see.

Of course, Andi is extremely curious and gets Bex to tell her something shocking: Bex is in fact Andi's mother.

This becomes a huge deal for Andi, as she's trying to enter her teens and deal with boys and peer pressure.

With Bex's help, she manages to get to know a boy she likes. She eventually also spills the beans about her mom to her friends.

Now, Andi must navigate middle school with a mother whom she thought was her sister and a crush whose girlfriend hates her.

'Andi Mack' Review

Andi Mack is totally different from everything that has come out of Disney Channel in years. Unlike shows like Bizaardvark or Liv and Maddie, this is no lighthearted, laugh-out-loud comedy.

It's more of a drama with a bit of comedy mixed in. The cinematic feel is reminiscent of Lizzie McGuire, as opposed to the multi-camera sit-com style that Disney is generally known for.

But what's more surprising is that Andi Mack brings up themes that even adult sit-coms wouldn't have shown a few years ago. Bex was a teen mom, who must have had Andi at around 15.

And that's not all. One of Andi's two best friends is dealing with understanding his sexuality.

We see his progression, as he starts to find Andi's crush attractive, and find out more about himself. Only recently did Disney show its first gay kiss, on a cartoon -- and in the background, where it's not particularly noticable.

Andi Mack is likely to be revolutionary for Disney, and spawn a new genre of shows, just as Lizzie McGuire did a decade ago. It's definitely worth a watch.

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