'90 Day Fiance' Season 5, Episode 9: Evelyn Has An Awkward Encounter

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Tonight was the 9th episode of 90 Day Fiance season 5 and we got to find out how much hot water Luis landed in with Molly. Read on to find out what happened.

Molly and Luis

Molly is upset that Luis arrived home so late the previous night when he went out for his bachelor party. The next morning, Molly is upset. Luis drank a lot but feels his night was his first great night in America.

Despite the fact that a stripper danced on him, Luis tells Molly that he barely spent any time with any women. Luis feels he needs more time off. He's getting weary of being a dad quickly.

Molly takes Luis out with her girls to get some ice cream so they can all do something fun together. Luis feels Kensley is "wild" and she doesn't behave like children in the DR. Luis has trouble being an adult around the kids.

Annie and David

David and Annie head out for a meal with Chris and Nicky. David plans on having Annie visit Kentucky to meet his kids but can't afford it right now.

David apologizes to Nicky but Nicky points out that David didn't apologize to Antonia and also still has a drinking problem.

Nicky won't let David get away with his bad behaviors from the other night. Nicky notes that she doesn't want to have to kick David out and warns him.

Nicky takes Annie out for a girls' night out. Nicky tells Annie that David borrowed money from Chris so that Annie could have jewelry.

Meanwhile. Annie tells Nicky that because Chris is her visa co-sponsor, he'd have to be financially responsible for her for a period of 10 years.

Later, Nicky and Chris go out with David alone.

Nicky notes that now she found out about what sponsorship means, she wants David to find a job. Nicky makes sure to set a limit with David, telling him needs to be working ASAP.

So Annie and David start packing up their things to head to Kentucky. Annie is dismayed by the appearance of Kentucky since she thought that it would be more urban and glamorous.

Annie and David have a chance to stay in one of Chris's rental properties. But Annie is upset, despite the fact that she and David won't have to pay rent.

Elizabeth and Andrei

Andrei goes golfing with Elizabeth's father to get to know him better. Elizabeth's father talks to Andrei about what his financial plans are. Elizabeth's father points out that Elizabeth's sisters are all married to men who are wealthy.

Andrei retorts that he has plenty of time to make money.

Elizabeth's father is also irked that Andrei didn't ask him for permission to marry Elizabeth. As a result, he notes that he's not going to make any financial contributions to the wedding.

Elizabeth and Andrei have a talk about money and he reveals that they need to pay for the wedding themselves. So they'll have to have a small ceremony.

Elizabeth goes dress shopping with her family and enjoys seeing dresses.

Elizabeth and Andrei also go wedding venue shopping and see a place that they both love. But a tense moment arises when Andrei feels that Elizabeth's family is against him.

Evelyn and David

Evelyn winds up talking to her mother about sex.

Evelyn and her mother feel comfortable talking about sex and yet, Evelyn has some pretty awkward questions about sex. She also points out that David doesn't want her to be too open with her mother about sex.

Later, Evelyn goes shopping for lingerie with her friend Mikayla. She decides to shop for things that are both cute and sexy but also slutty.

Evelyn wants to be a stay at home wife and mom and so goes over to David's home to cook for him.

But at David's, Evelyn gets upset when she realizes how much David shuts down when it comes to sex.

Nicole and Azan

Nicole and Azan are still reeling from their blowout fight. But they do manage to calm down enough to talk things out. Nicole expresses her concern about being in a foreign country and having issues with Azan.

Aan feels that Nicole needs to be less adversarial. Later, Nicole takes May to Skype with her mother. Nicole's mother casts doubt on Azan's ability to be a father. Nicole articulates her own hesitation about Azan.

Azan feels it's important to talk to his aunt since she's the only person who married someone outside of her own culture. His aunt tells him he needs to respect Nicole.

Azan's aunt, however, sees he and Nicole are struggling. Azan is worried about his relationship with Nicole given that he plans to move imminently.

Aika and Josh

Aika and Josh have dinner together to discuss their plans to start a family. Josh has had a vasectomy but Aika wants kids and wants him to have it reversed.

Aika knew that Josh had had a vasectomy but he'd promised her that he was going to have it reversed. So she gives him an ultimatum

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