'How to Get Away With Murder' Recap: 'No More Blood,' Season 3 Episode 7

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It's the last episode before ABC's "How to Get Away With Murder" reveals who is under the sheet.

Before that, the team will have to wade through a new case and the consequences of old decisions in "No More Blood," the seventh episode of the fifth season.

Annalise and Bonnie seek help from an unlikely source. However, this move leaves Michaela, Connor, Laurel, and the rest of the Keating 5 more on edge. The new client manages to shock everyone.

Annalise asks Bonnie if she is the secret source. Convinced it's not her, Annalise tells her she's had enough. Bonnie takes over looking into who the source is. A week earlier, Annalise is woken up by Bonnie coming to tell her who's back. Frank tries to get Laurel to let him stay with her.

Bonnie calls her Laurel to make sure she's alright. Annalise threaten to kill him if he comes to see her. He still tries to go but Laurel uses his supposed love for her to get him from going to see Annalise.

As Wes is leaving his apartment, his lawyer shows up with a subpoena. They need to find Charles' alibi in order to keep him as a plausible suspect. She sends Bonnie to fetch Frank.

Wes is not pleased that Frank spent the night with Laurel. She tells him nothing happened between them. Charles alibi might not necessarily be a person. What/whoever it is, Frank is already on the job. The President calls Annalise in to get her advice on the newly filed divorce papers.

Oliver's receives flowers at work from Thomas. Connor tries to ask him out for drinks but Michaela pulls him away. When they learn about Frank, they choose to step away from the situation.

Asher is unwilling to leave Wes when he needs help. The lady who gave Frank the money, who's responsible for Annalise's accident. Bonnie asks her if she wants him to end her.

The team decides that the best way to stall the trial is to release his medical papers from his time in the psychiatric ward. Bonnie warns Asher to go home but he refuses. The hearing gets pushed back a day so Wes can get a psych eval. Oliver is needling Connor for details about what is going on with Team Keating. While going over the eval with Wes they get into argument about Frank.

The only thing they can agree upon is that they're tired. Frank calls Bonnie from inside the woman's house.

He's found out who she is, Lisa Cameron, and he plans on killing her. Annalise finally speaks directly to him as she demands for no more blood. Before he can make the promise Lisa and her daughter return home.

Annalise toys with the idea of allowing Frank to kill Lisa. It drives her to the wine section in a convenience store. She instead buys a bunch of snack food and a prepaid phone. Frank calls Bonnie to report that he left without killing anyone.

She tells him he should go through with it. The burner phone is delivered to Charles in jail as Wes goes through his psych eval. Annalise asks Laurel to speak to Nate on Wes' behalf. He's been cleared to testify.

At the hearing, Wes sticks with his story. Annalise offers to take on the President's case. Lisa is Charles' alibi. They were having a tryst and while she denies all having any contact with him, the burner phone was set up to make her statement useless.

Oliver catches Connor watching a video on Wes' case. They get into a fight and break up, again. Wes promises to be there for Laurel. Annalise finally meets with Frank.

While Michaela is comforting Oliver, Asher answers the next phone call from her mom. Frank offers to make up for the past by offing himself.

Bonnie comes in and tells him not to as Annalise shouts at him to do it. A week later, Oliver, Michaela, and Asher converge on Bonnie demanding more answers. Elsewhere, Connor is waking up after a hookup.

"No More Blood" has revealed the last character who is safe from the touches of death.

"How to Get Away With Murder" has still left a few characters unaccounted for though. Find out who is under the sheet next Thursday at 10pm and look out for clips of the episode here.

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