'Too Close To Home' Season 2 Episode 5: What Did Valerie Do With The President?

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Tonight was the fifth episode for season 2 of Tyler Perry's Too Close to Home on TLC.

This episodes begins Frankie meeting Nelson and Octavia. Frankie secretly disconnects the electrics in her car and then asks Nelson to look at the car.

She tells Nelson to go look for Elm in the van. Octavia goes to the van and sees Elm hooking up with Regina but she doesn't tell Nelson.

Inside the house, Octavia gets Nelson to sit and wait while she goes and catches Regina. She screams at Regina to take a shower and says she would tell everyone what happened -- but that would hurt Nelson.

Regina doesn't want to face Nelson, but Octavia says she has to. Octavia tells Regina to ask for a divorce after a few days; Regina doesn't want a divorce, but agrees.

In the diner, J.B. annd Bonnie are talking. He tries to kiss her but she pulls away.

J.B. starts an argument with Bonnie and refuses to leave. When Bonnie goes out back, J.B. and his friends come up with a plan to get Dax and Victor.

At Brody's house, he and Anna work on his tractor. Anna asks why Brody didn't want to sleep with him, but he doesn't answer.

She regrets leaving Happy; she tells him she still loves him. At that point, Valerie comes out and interrupts them. Valerie is still angry at Anna; she calls Anna a snake who is a sociopath.

Valerie leaves to look for Dax, and Frankie shows up. She explains that she's there to talk to Jolene.

She explains to Brody that Regina and Elm are having an affair. She wants Brody to talk to Elm about the situation.

Valerie goes to the local motel and finds Dax. She realizes that Dax and Katelynn are working together.

We find out that Valerie was supposed to be the President's mistress, but when Anna arrived, the President lost interest in Valerie. Dax starts to leave, when he runs into Donny.

In the bar, Rick and Shelby are taking advantage of the reporters. They get the reporters to spend money and request a cut from the bartender. Shelby goes to the bathroom and Eli appears.

Later, Shelby tells Bonnie and Anna about Eli. They go to find him and Rebel, who they think is with him. They find Rebel with Eli and his grandson and take her home. Bonnie confronts her with the pregnancy test.

The episode ends with Shelby telling Rebel that Eli is her father.

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