Shazam! Star Zachary Levi Responds To Comments That He Has Fake Muscles For The Movie

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Aquaman may be the next movie coming in the DC Extended Universe, but a lot of the talk as of recent has been about the Shazam! movie that is set to come out next April.

Many were surprised when it was announced that Shazam was going to be played by Zachary Levi, which led to a good bit of talk about whether he would have fake muscles in the movie.

After some on set pictures, people started talking to say that he was, but Levi has started coming out to deny those comments.

This started with his trainer Eric Blackmon posting a picture on his own Twitter that showed Levi flexing with the hashtag #somedaymyarmswillbethisbigtoo. Levi then responded in a tweet that said:

"Sooo much padding. #FakeNews #FakeMuscles #FakeWeights #FakeChickenAndBroccoli"

This tweet led to Men's Health of all places to write an article calling out Levi by saying he was using fake muscles despite his picture despite the picture.

This was shared in a tweet that said they weren't buying it, in which Levi responded by saying "Well, it’s a good thing I’m not selling anything then. Also, slow news day?"

There is no question that Levi wasn't the bulkiest guy, especially back in his Chuck days where he didn't have to rely on muscle and strength for his role.

However, we've seen some crazy Hollywood transformations in the past, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe being a great example of this with actors like Chris Hemsworth looking night and day different from his appearance in Star Trek 09 to when he showed up as Thor.

While it wouldn't be surprising to see a movie using fake muscles for a movie like this with such a big costume, I don't see much reason why Levi would lie about it if it could be proven that it isn't the case.

It's not like it really matters all that much though, so we'll just wait to see Shazam! hit theaters on April 5, 2019.


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