'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' TLC Season 4 Episode 11 Recap

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Tonight was Episode 11 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 4, and it started out with Whitney planning a trip to New York that she'll be taking with Todd.

Whitney is excited since she'll be meeting the Fitness Marshall, a YouTube dance workout sensation.

Whitney tells her mother about her conversation with Jiya and her plans to hold a rematch. Whitney's mother can't help inserting a few snide remarks into the conversation.

Next, Whitney and Todd head to their flight to travel to New York.

Whitney likes to buy more than one seat in order to feel more comfortable on the flight. She also discusses her views on seat belt extenders for her size, which she doesn't feel embarrassed to have to use.

Whitney and Todd check into their hotel and struggle with Whitney's desire to cuddle. Todd doesn't like to be touched.

Their first outing is to take a rickshaw ride through New York. Whitney wants to make sure that he can handle her weight. The driver does manage to take Todd and Whitney for a lovely ride through Central park.

At dinner, Whitney discusses the upcoming dance battle with Todd. Whitney wonders about utilizing dance choreography from another artist. Todd feels it's okay to take 1 or 2 counts of dance moves.

The next day, Whitney and Todd head out to Staten Island. They enjoy the ferry trip, in particular.

Whitney also calls Buddy to find out how the house is doing. Wanda did poop in the house but Buddy cleaned it up, which Whitney is grateful for.

Whitney and Todd then head out to their Fitness Marshall dance class. Whitney truly feels a connection to the Fitness Marshall, which Todd picks up on. Todd has trouble during the class and has to vomit from the exertion. Whitney goes out and finds Todd, only to find out that he's feeling really sick.

It's the first time Whitney has seen Todd physically challenged and is surprised. During the meet and greet, the Fitness Marshall asks Whitney if she'll be a backup dancer for his video.

Whitney asks if Todd can participate too, but the Fitness Marshall wants only Whitney. Todd is really upset with Whitney since he feels that he invited her on his trip to New York and is horning in on his opportunities.

However, the next morning Todd does agree to accompany Whitney. Still, in the cab ride over, he's pretty mean to Whitney and keeps making it clear that she was only chosen because she's overweight.

It's surprising that Whitney just takes it from him.

They arrive at the park and Todd is pretty surly. He won't even film Whitney participating in the Fitness Marshall's video.

When Whitney talks to Todd during a break, she's shocked and disappointed to see how mean and negative he is toward her.

Whitney wants to confront Todd about his behavior. Todd accuses Whitney of making his trip about her. Whitney wonders why Todd is being so jealous.

Todd feels he kills himself to be supportive to Whitney and feels she owes him. Whitney is upset since she feels Todd takes a lot of things for granted and wonders why he doesn't just let her have such a small triumph like being the Fitness Marshall's dance class.

Todd is so upset he stalks off.

Will Whitney and Todd work things out? We'll find out in our next recap.

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