'Naked and Afraid' Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: A Shocking Evacuation

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Tonight, Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid season 7 episode 2 aired.

At the beginning of this episode, we meet Giovanna, a 31-year-old from Arizona who runs a "beer program".

Her husband is in the military and has gone through extensive training - that got her into learning more about survival, and she's been working hard for several years holding her skills.

Giovanna is very fit and strong, but she is also not as experienced as she could have been. For that reason, she was given a survival rating of 6.2.

Next, we meet her partner, Wes. Wes is a 40-year-old who does a lot of adventure sports.

Wes doesn't have as much direct survival experience, but he has a lot of athletic experience. He is however impulsive, and for that reason he got a PSR of 7.3.

As Wes and Giovanna enter the force in Ecuador, they get naked and make their way toward camp. Giovanna chose a mosquito net for her survival item.

Wes chose a firestarter. As in most Naked and Afraid episodes, we learn that there are pumas and extremely dangerous snakes in the forest.

The couple find a camp area close to the river - but not too close, as it gets really cold in this forest at night.

Wes immediately starts to hurt himself, cutting himself pretty badly while using a machete to prepare the camp. The couple starts a nice fire, and then they get ready for the end of the day.

The next morning, Wes goes out looking for breakfast. He and Giovanna go looking for a fruit tree, that they believe they saw earlier.

Wes tries to climb the tree but he has some trouble, when the branch snaps. Nevertheless, he manages to grab a vine, and he gets the fruit.

The next day, Wes decides to build a well because boiling water to drink has been too difficult.

Giovanna manages to create a filter out of charcoal and leaves so that they can drink the river water directly. For food, they set traps and use smoke to coax animals out of hiding.

That night, as temperatures get colder, Wes stays up all night working on the campfire. In the morning, they find some fruit which they think is an orange. However it turns out to be a lemon.

Giovanna starts to get concerned because Wes is constantly doing work, and she doesn't believe that if he keeps up the pace he will make it to the end.

For the next 24 hours, heavy rains flood the area, and the couple has to stay in their shelter, as temperatures get close to freezing. In the morning, neither Wes nor Giovanna is feeling well enough to start working again.

As they go looking for breakfast, Wes steps into fire ants. He starts to have balance issues and is deteriorating physically.

While Wes rests, Giovanna manages to find a giant snail for the couple to eat. They cook it, and eating it helps Wes feel a little bit more strength.

However, he goes off alone to get the lemons, and he starts getting extremely lightheaded. He falls onto bunch of rocks in water.

The next day, out of nowhere, Wes says he's going to tap out. He feels that he is not physically able to handle the challenges, and he's keeping Giovanna down.

However, after some serious thought, he decides to stay. Giovanna was extremely concerned if he had to leave, but she is relieved to find out that he decided not to.

But after a few minutes, Wes changes his mind again, and decides that he's done.

Although Giovanna and the producers try to keep him from leaving, he is resolute. He gets driven away in a pickup truck, leaving Giovanna alone overnight.

With only a few days to go, Giovanna is starting to feel the pain. She gets stung by a caterpillar and has to wait out a cold and long storm.

The next day, Giovanna is a mess, shivering and feeling mentally drink. She starting to feel scared about trying to spend the night, and she's unable to make a fire.

Throughout the storm, she huddles quietly in her encampment.

Unfortunately, the storm gets so strong that the river starts to flood, making the whole area impossible to stay in. The producers come out and force Giovanna to leave the encampment before the entire area becomes too dangerous.

The entire crew has to leave the area very quickly by pick up because of the rising water. Giovanna managed to stay 19 days before she was forcefully evacuated. Unfortunately for her, because she didn't actually finish the 20 days,

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