Lego And Nintendo Reveal Full Super Mario Line

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The Lego Group and Nintendo have collectively announced and revealed today the full line of their Lego Super Mario toys.

When the toys are out later this year, fans can try and collect the full 16 sets that will be available for collectors and kids alike.

The new Lego Super Mario range is different from normal Lego sets because it encourages users to interact more with the sets themselves.

The starter pack will include an electronic Mario toy that can interact with the levels that is set out for him.

There will also be expansion packs for people to create more levels as well as Power-Up Packs that come with new costumes for Mario to wear. You can also get much cheaper character polybags for you to collect as well!

You can check out the full range of toys and prices in this line posted down below.

Starter Course

  • 71360 - LEGO® Super Mario™ Adventures with Mario Starter Course (59.99 USD/EUR)

Expansion sets

  • 71362 – LEGO® Super Mario™ Guarded Fortress Expansion Set (49.99 USD/EUR)
  • 71363 – LEGO® Super Mario™ Desert Pokey Expansion Set (19.99 USD/EUR)
  • 71364 – LEGO® Super Mario™ Whomp’s Lava Trouble Expansion Set (19.99 USD/EUR)
  • 71365 – LEGO® Super Mario™ Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set (29.99 USD/EUR)
  • 71366 – LEGO® Super Mario™ Boomer Bill Barrage Expansion Set (29.99 USD/EUR)
  • 71367 – LEGO® Super Mario™ Mario’s House & Yoshi Expansion Set (29.99 USD EUR)
  • 71368 – LEGO® Super Mario™ Toad’s Treasure Hunt Expansion Set (69.99 USD/EUR)
  • 71369 – LEGO® Super Mario™ Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set (99.99 USD/EUR)
  • 71376 - LEGO® Super Mario™ Thwomp Drop Expansion Set (39.99 USD/EUR - available only with select retailers)
  • 71377 - LEGO® Super Mario™ King Boo and the Haunted Yard Expansion Set (49.99 USD/EUR- available only with select retailers)

Power-up Packs

  • 71370 - LEGO® Super Mario™ Fire Mario Power-Up Pack (9.99 USD/EUR)
  • 71371 - LEGO® Super Mario™ Propeller Mario Power-Up Pack (9.99 USD/EUR)
  • 71372 - LEGO® Super Mario™ Cat Mario Power-Up Pack (9.99 USD/EUR)
  • 71373 - LEGO® Super Mario™ Builder Mario Power-Up Pack (9.99 USD/EUR)

Character Packs

  • 71361 – LEGO® Super Mario™ Character Packs (4,99 USD/3.99 EUR)

All of the toys will be available at participating retailers worldwide from August 1st, 2020.

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