'90 Day Fiance' Season 5 Finale Recap: The Luis Shocker

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Tonight was the finale of Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance and we're still reeling from the explosions from the last episode. To find out more details, read on:

Luis and Molly

Molly explains how she and Luis got married. She decided to sign off on a legal marriage with Luis because of the urgency around reuniting. But now, Molly just feels so confused about everything.

Later, Olivia comes home and Molly decides to tell her the truth. Olivia feels that her mother went behind her back and got married. She no longer feels she can trust Molly.

Molly's dad comes by and rubs it in for Molly. When he finds out Molly is married, he uses it as an opportunity to say I told you so.

Annie and David

David decides to take his daughter Ashley out for dinner to try to establish a reconciliation. Ashley tells David that she feels that he's just using Annie for free sex and housekeeping. David tells his daughter that this isn't the case and he truly loves Annie.

Ashley feels that David is prioritizing Annie as opposed to her and her brother. Ashley isn't over the fact that David walked out on them.

David tells Ashley that he wants her to come to his wedding. Ashley feels that David is deliberately trying to agitate her, especially given that the wedding is going to be held on her birthday.

The day for the wedding finally arrives and even though it's not clear if Ashley will turn up, Nicky and Chris are there. For some reason, even though David doesn't want to drink, Chris coaxes him into having a shot.

Chris also suggests that David reach out to Ashley to call her again and invite her to the wedding one last time.

Annie is excited to get ready and when she puts on her dress, she truly feels like a bride.

Ashley and her daughter do come to the wedding to see her dad getting married.

But she gets more and more angry as the event goes on, and she starts swearing and screaming. Nevertheless, she ends up storming out without significantly disrupting the wedding.

Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth is excited to be getting married. Her father is apprehensive and comes in to see her in wedding dress and says that Andrei doesn't deserve her. Still, he does tell Elizabeth that he loves her and supports her.

The moment finally arrives and Andrei and Elizabeth get married.

Evelyn and David

The day for Evelyn and David to get married has finally arrived. Evelyn and David meet at the alter have a heartfelt moment. The inevitable discussion on the fact that Evelyn and David are going to have sex comes up.

Nicole and Azan

Nicole's mother is surprised that Nicole still wants to go through with bringing Azan to the US. Nicole announces that Azan has an interview scheduled for his visa.

Nicole's mother is worried about the whole situation and the possibility that Azan is exploiting Nicole. Nicole says that if Azan gets denied his visa she plans to go live in Morocco with him.

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