Review: The Predator Is Not A Good Film

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The Predator is the newest film in 20th Century Fox's science fiction series about a race of aliens that like to hunt for sport.

While the 1987 original starring Arnold Schwarzenegger is often regarded to be the best in the franchise, this has not stopped the movie studio from releasing many sequels.

Predator 2 came out a few years after the original, but it wasn't as good.

Danny Glover took over as the main lead, and the film was set in Los Angeles instead of inside a jungle. Following that was 2010's Predators where Adrien Brody and others had to survive more than one Predator hunting them.

Now we fast forward to 2018 and 'The Predator' is out and serves as a sequel to the two original movies.

I admire the fact that this movie is a sequel rather than a reboot because it tries something different for a change.

In The Predator, a group of soldiers have to fight off two Predators that have landed on Earth as they are searching for something that has landed on the planet.

Both Predators are not friends so there is conflict happening between them while the humans are caught in the middle of it.

I actually thought the story was decent for the most part, although halfway through the film it gets a little boring and cliche towards the end.

Not to mention the end of the movie is not going to sit well with fans of the original films!

Unlike Alien Covenant though, the story does not break any existing lore of the Predator race so it's not ruining the original films in any way.

It's just the end sets up a potential sequel that may or may not be favorable to everyone watching.

In terms of the movie itself, The Predator is a tonal mess.

Usually Predator films are supposed to be serious horror/action films as the Predators are scary while they hunt down the humans.

Here in this new movie, it tries too hard to become a Marvel-like funny film and the humor simply doesn't work.

I understand not every film has to be dark and super serious, but The Predator should not have been a comedy.

The comedy just seems out of place for an action film like this. It does not help that I did not even laugh at most of the jokes in the film either.

Another bad thing about this film is that main actor Boyd Holbrook is just so boring to watch.

He lacks the charisma of other Predator actors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny Glover or even Adrien Brody. The only interesting person in the film is Olivia Munn's character in my opinion.

I will say that the action sequences of The Predator are fairly decent, although most of it you cannot see properly because everything has been filmed in the dark.

It also does not help that the scenes that involve the human characters are usually boring to watch too.

Overall, The Predator is just a messy film with tonal issues and boring human characters. It's by far the worst Predator movie in the entire franchise and this film is not worth watching at full price in the cinema.

Verdict: 2/5 stars

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