Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' Episode 9 Recap: Who's Kicked Out?

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Today was the ninth episode of MTV's Real World Seattle: Bad Blood.

The episode begins with Theo and Tyara in the confession room discussing the fight that happened at the end of the last episode. Theo apologizes, but Tyara doesn't want to listing.

Next, Will goes into the confessional, and the girls play a trick on him and scare him. Will convinces Tyara to go into the confessional, and she gets stared too.

In the morning, Anna and Katrina go to see a waterfall. They bond over climbing the rocks and catching crawfish. Afterwards, they hang out together in bed and talk about guys.

Then, at night, they go out together -- without any of the other housemates -- to a country bar.

They are both enjoying going out, and they meet some guys. Katrina says she's much happier just hanging out with Anna than the rest of the housemates.

Meanwhile, the rest of the housemates go out to The Rhino Room, and Kassius and Theo are still both angry at each other.

Kassius gets too drunk and needs to be walked home; he passes out on the stairs. Theo carries him to his bed and takes care of him.

Robbie receives a package of tomato sauce and meatballs, so he cooks a meal for the house.

Katrina and Anna skip out on dinner to hang out themselves, and that upsets Robbie. Robbie amd Anna and Katrina get into a tiff.

In the morning, Kassius calls his mom and finds out that Theo helped him. In an interview, Kassius attacks Theo for being childish. Things escalate and all of the previous issues come out. A shouting match ensues.

Eventua lly, the producer has to separate them. Back at the house, Kassius starts talking about how he could beat up Theo. Theo hears it and the two get into a fistfight. Security has to break it up.

After the fight, Theo runs off and discusses the situation with Robbie, while Kassius talks about it with Will. Theo and Kassius then talk to the producers separately.

Kassius says Theo is no longer his family, and he will not work anything out. Theo, meanwhile, says that he loves Kassius and feels hurt about the situation.

Theo leaves to go to a hotel. A producer goes and speaks with him. Theo is told that he is responsible for the fights, so he is sent home.

The next night, Robbie is going to DJ at a local club. Although Katrina doesn't want to go, she decides to -- so she doesn't look bad. She and Robbie make up.

The episode ends with Theo going back to the house to pack. Everyone is upset that Theo is leaving.

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